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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adrian Bayley: The Questions We Should Ask About Adrian Bayley; Jill Meagher; Child abuse;

The world today is drowning in horrendous violence against women in every country.
Adrian Bayley is but one of millions of perpetrators!
It seems his journey into darkness started with parental abuse and was followed by  possible sexual abuse by some other 'older female' party.
As in most dysfunctional families his first abuser was his own biological father.
Sadly children tend to follow the example set.

The questions we should as about Adrian Bayley

Monday, March 09, 2015

God Always Left A Remnant Of Jewish Believers

In 2004 I 'saw' Bob Dylan in Stockholm but the seats were very far from the stage and so 'seeing' became mostly hearing except for a brief moment when the guy sitting next to me very kindly allowed me to borrow his binocs to take a proper peek!
I would have taken mine along but was assured that it wasn't necessary because the big screens would show all!
Sadly there were no big screens around....
Oh well..I was there and breathing the same air as him for a short period in time and so have to be grateful for crumbs!

It seems Bob still has his thoughts in Jesus even tho' it may clash somewhat with his Jewish roots! Cool to know cos I'm hoping to bimp into him in the next phase as we both march on in old age..!

God Always Left A Remnant Of Jewish Believers

Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking

In The Garden

Wednesday, March 04, 2015