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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Diabetes 2: Insulin myths; Benefits of sweet potatoes

A family member has Diabetes 2 and lived in denial for a long time before accepting the fact that diabetes is a disease that needs treatment.
Diabetes tends to be a progressive disease and one needs to keep up to date with new treatment and latest research results

Diabetes: Insulin myths

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Neelofar: 3 year old raped in village in Afghanistan

It really is heartbreaking to read that an innocent three year old little girl ( one of thousands)  is raped by an adult male and then forced to carry the stigma of the rape for the rest of her life!
My hope is that the rapist gets the justice he deserves and that Neelofar gets a chance at life in spite of the disgraceful and disgusting attack that she has experienced!

Neelofar: Rape of three year old girl shocks Afghanistan

Friday, November 14, 2014

Asia Bibi: Blasphemy case; Pakistani Christian files appeal against the death penalty to Supreme Court

Indian human rights activists and Christians appeal to Pakistan to release Asia Bibi as she is ill.

Christian groups in India have offered to take care of her.

I think Asia Bibi is a catholic so why does the Pope not speak up for her?

Death Penalty: Pakistani Christian files appeal to Supreme Court

Husband of Pakistani Christian woman pleads for pardon

Release Asia Bibi

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yassar Arafat: RT Kendall: ‘I wouldn't be surprised to see Arafat in heaven’

Was rather surprised to find this information out in cyberspace today!

Supposing Mr Arafat did become a follower of Jesus Christ, I would hope that he remembered, as Mel Gibson seems to have forgotten, that the early Christians were all Jews.

In the Gibson version of Jesus' life on earth the women in the film represent Roman christianity in that the women are dressed in the garb of roman catholic nuns!

RT Kendall: ‘I wouldn't be surprised to see Arafat in heaven’

Monday, November 03, 2014

Al Pacino; 'Serpico'; Who is Frank Serpico? Police corruption

In 1973 I saw the movie 'Serpico' in Pretoria, South Africa and, literally, fell in love with Al Pacino who played the role of a real NYPD cop named Frank Serpico.
The movie was pretty violent and I was amazed at the level of police corruption in the USA considering the fact that the country supports the death penalty.

I have my own copy of the movie and have watched it a number of times since that first time. Al Pacino and I were both born in the 1940s but he is 4 yrs older than me so I'm happy! I wonder which of us will pass first!
I have watched most of his movies and, for the most part, have enjoyed them.
He is truly one of the world's greatest actors and long may he run!

Today I came across an article written by the real Frank Serpico who, at the age of 78 is still going strong in spite of the attempts of the NYPD to silence him all those years ago.

He worked in the narcotics department at the time and drugs, as then, still are raking in vast amounts of money for those who deal and sell them and causing the death and destruction of the thousands if not millions who use them.

Frank Serpico: The Police Are Still Out Of Control

What drives Al Pacino?