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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Diabetes 2: Insulin myths; Benefits of sweet potatoes

A family member has Diabetes 2 and lived in denial for a long time before accepting the fact that diabetes is a disease that needs treatment.
Diabetes tends to be a progressive disease and one needs to keep up to date with new treatment and latest research results

Diabetes: Insulin myths

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Neelofar: 3 year old raped in village in Afghanistan

It really is heartbreaking to read that an innocent three year old little girl ( one of thousands)  is raped by an adult male and then forced to carry the stigma of the rape for the rest of her life!
My hope is that the rapist gets the justice he deserves and that Neelofar gets a chance at life in spite of the disgraceful and disgusting attack that she has experienced!

Neelofar: Rape of three year old girl shocks Afghanistan

Friday, November 14, 2014

Asia Bibi: Blasphemy case; Pakistani Christian files appeal against the death penalty to Supreme Court

Indian human rights activists and Christians appeal to Pakistan to release Asia Bibi as she is ill.

Christian groups in India have offered to take care of her.

I think Asia Bibi is a catholic so why does the Pope not speak up for her?

Death Penalty: Pakistani Christian files appeal to Supreme Court

Husband of Pakistani Christian woman pleads for pardon

Release Asia Bibi

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yassar Arafat: RT Kendall: ‘I wouldn't be surprised to see Arafat in heaven’

Was rather surprised to find this information out in cyberspace today!

Supposing Mr Arafat did become a follower of Jesus Christ, I would hope that he remembered, as Mel Gibson seems to have forgotten, that the early Christians were all Jews.

In the Gibson version of Jesus' life on earth the women in the film represent Roman christianity in that the women are dressed in the garb of roman catholic nuns!

RT Kendall: ‘I wouldn't be surprised to see Arafat in heaven’

Monday, November 03, 2014

Al Pacino; 'Serpico'; Who is Frank Serpico? Police corruption

In 1973 I saw the movie 'Serpico' in Pretoria, South Africa and, literally, fell in love with Al Pacino who played the role of a real NYPD cop named Frank Serpico.
The movie was pretty violent and I was amazed at the level of police corruption in the USA considering the fact that the country supports the death penalty.

I have my own copy of the movie and have watched it a number of times since that first time. Al Pacino and I were both born in the 1940s but he is 4 yrs older than me so I'm happy! I wonder which of us will pass first!
I have watched most of his movies and, for the most part, have enjoyed them.
He is truly one of the world's greatest actors and long may he run!

Today I came across an article written by the real Frank Serpico who, at the age of 78 is still going strong in spite of the attempts of the NYPD to silence him all those years ago.

He worked in the narcotics department at the time and drugs, as then, still are raking in vast amounts of money for those who deal and sell them and causing the death and destruction of the thousands if not millions who use them.

Frank Serpico: The Police Are Still Out Of Control

What drives Al Pacino?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Menstruation: No Menstrual Hygiene For Indian Women Holds Economy Back

I came across this article today and thought about the time when my menstrual cycle started at the age of 12 yrs..58 yrs ago to date!

I lived in South Africa at the time and the subject wasn't exactly taboo but my mother was reluctant to discuss it with me except to present me with a pad and belt and explain to me how the two worked together to make things a little easier to cope with.
Fortunately these pads were disposable so, at least, I didn't have to wash them

I attended a convent school run by Catholic nuns and I did notice that the convent washline
sometimes had many pad-like articles hanging on it so I surmised that nuns also were subjected to the monthly 'curse' it was known.

Keeping the fact that one had begun to get the 'curse' was a real hassle as there were boy pupils attending the school as well and they would tease and harrass any victim they caught out!
I was relieved to go to an all girl boarding school from age 13.

I truly empathise with all girls and women around the world who suffer from the taboos that surround a perfectly normal act of nature and would like to point out to the ignorant males in a global society that, in case they didn't know it, without the menstrual cycle, their birth would not have taken place.

No menstrual hygiene for Indian women holds economy back

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Max Soffar: Innocent on Texas Death Row?; Max Soffar's last appeal..terminally ill with liver cancer

I started corresponding with prisoners on Florida's death row in 1997. I followed the lives of  other death row prisoners in other states in the USA and Max Soffar was one of them.

Max apparently 'confessed' to the crime but there was no evidence to tie him to it except his own confession.

It seems there is a certain Paul Dennis Reid who may have been the real killer but Max does not have time on his side to experience the joy of being found innocent as the investigations and such drag on.

His story is sad and his impulsive behaviour caused him only trouble in his youth but I would say that, now he is dying, one could see them as mitigators to set him free.

Max Soffar: Governor Perry have mercy on this man

Max Soffar's last appeal

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Peter Connelly: Baby P: The untold story BBC documentary

The very sad story of baby Peter Connelly, an innocent little boy who was abused and eventually murdered, indirectly by his careless mother and directly by her callous, cruel and nasty boyfriend and his brother.

These unsavoury characters received virtually no punishment for their heinous crime and soon all three of them will be free to repeat more of same on more innocent victims!

Peter Connelly: Baby P The untold story

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Libya ablaze ( will bring floods of African migrants to Europe ) Editorial -

Editorial -

Orchid: Beauty in bloom

This beautiful orchid has been in bloom for weeks!
I have moved it around a bit but now it seems to like its new spot where there
is lots of light and little direct sun.
Orchids are very rewarding as they need little attention and seem to survive even when watering is erratic

Friday, October 24, 2014

Coltan: Why you should recycle your cell phone and electronics

Coltan: Why you should recycle your cell phone

Sexual violence is a weapon; Dr Denis Mukwege; Democratic Republic of Congo; Gynaecologist helps rape victims; Congo exploited and destabilised because of Coltan; Recycle electronic equipment

In this day and age where we very nonchalantly toss our 'not so up to date' electronic equipment out with the garbage, most of us do not realise at what a price these gadgets come about and how women and children and families and communities and habitats are being destroyed in the relentless search for a metal called coltan which is extracted from columbite ore.. which is mined in, mainly, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Much of the mining is done illegally and gangs prey on the local communities and try to drive them out of the area where the ore is found.
Sexual violence is used as a weapon and thousands of women and children have been raped and demoralised and have sustained very serious injuries during these rapes which leave them incontinent of urine and faeces.

In 1998 Dr Denis Mukwege founded the Panzi hospital in Bukavu for these rape victims and repairs as best he can the fistulas that form and, in so doing, gives the victims a new chance into the future.

Because computers and mobile phones etc have become part of our daily living, it will be almost impossible to call a ban or boycott on this metal but we can help to bring down the demand if we recycle our equipment instead of relentlessly seeking and buying the very latest models to enhance our yuppy lives!

Dr Denis Mukwege wins Sakharov prize 2014

Coltan: The link between chimpanzees and your cell phone

Taking action against sexual violence in Democratic Republic of pictures

Democratic Republic of Congo: History

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shane: Anencephaly: to abort or not to abort...that is the question

As a student midwife in South Africa I was present at the deliveries of 2 anencephalic babies.

 It was not a pleasant experience as, in those days, we did not have ultra sound and so the mothers were not warned or had no choice to abort or not to abort as abortion was illegal and only carried out after two doctors gave the written opinion that the mother's life was in danger.

We were not allowed to feed the babies and I doubt that the mothers saw them but not 100% sure about the latter. I do remember tho' that both babies were alone when they quite soon after birth and the other a day or so after birth which caused a controversy as some of the students thought it was cruel to leave the child to die of thirst and so they gave it milk when it became apparent that it had a sucking reflex.

Nature often takes care of flawed foetuses through spontaneous miscarriages but if it does not it is not right for us to be judgemental. Abortion is legal in most countries today and so parents can choose to either destroy or nurture the life that has started growing.

 In an uncaring and selfish world where abortion has become an accepted option, I think it's wrong to condemn parents who want to meet the little life they have started and are prepared to make huge sacrifice to show love and caring for the little time they are allowed.

Shane: 'Bucket list baby' dies in mother's arms

Friday, October 10, 2014

LCHF: Managing Diabetes with the Diet Doctor

I have been overweight for years and, although I was unhappy about the fact that I'd gone up 10 kg in 6 years, I never really put much effort into reversing the status quo!

This year my husband, who had been diagnosed with diabetes 2 in 2012 after a mitral valve repair to the heart, was prescribed Metmorfin to drop his blood sugar as the diet he was half heartedly following was not working.
I decided to take matters in hand and, after years of leaving the cooking to him, took over the kitchen and started to follow..more or less..the LCHF diet that my son in law was so enthralled about. He is gluten intolerant and had researched different diets and felt that cutting out all grains was the answer to healthier living.

We don't follow the stricter form of the diet but, aside from eating toast in the morning, we have cut out rice, pasta, bread and, of course, sugar!
It has been difficult but, since I started eating lentils, chick peas, beans and sweet potato, loads of veg both raw and cooked, nuts and fibre and fruit in small quantities I have lost 8 kg since April 2014. Sugar in all forms is prohibited but it's difficult to avoid altogether as it is found in almost eveything one buys.

Butter, cream, yogurt ( all high fat ) has become part of our daily intake and we try to keep carbs at around 45 to 60g per meal.

My husband is now off the Metmorfin tablets he used to drop his blood sugar and hopefully he will avoid the awful side effects of the disease such as blindness and limb amputation. Although his mitral valve was repaired, his heart was otherwise in good condition.
Following this diet is more difficult for him as he tends to lose weight easily and so too much exercise and low carbs is a difficult balancing act. He has now, after much protestation, invested in a blood sugar meter and so we'll get a better picture of how to manage his carb intake so that he feels more comfortable with himself

Am posting a link to what I think is a very sensible way of living so please check it out and modify accordingly!

LCHF and fighting diabetes 2

Monday, October 06, 2014

Isaiah 53: Is it about Jesus/Messiah?

My parents were nominal Christians.
They followed Methodism which is a movement that was founded by John Wesley in the 18th century


I spent most of my school years at Roman Catholic convents and attended mass and was seriously thinking of converting to catholicism during my last year at boarding school.

I'd had some sort of 'revelation' during one of those masses in the cathedral and the memory of it left me feeling that maybe I was being called to some higher purpose.

My Mother was sceptical and, although she never actually told me not to convert, she suggested I wait a year to see how I'd feel out in the real world while I pursued a career in nursing.

During that time I did go to the local Methodist church fairly regularly to see if I could find out exactly why I was here but the answers never came.

Years passed and my spiritual life suffered due to bad choices and failures. I was brought to some very low points before, eventually, being gradually lead to a certain realisation that
no matter how low I'd sunk, I'd never really been alone through all the struggles.

This realisation led me to back to church..Anglican, Baptist and even Roman Catholicism again, but I could not really relate to any of them for different reasons.

Eventually I emigrated and learned a foreign language and tried to shake the often very strong feeling that 'the salt' was missing.

I prayed that God..who I had/have never had trouble in believing in as Creator of the universe and mankind, would open my eyes and show me the way.

This happened in 1987 when a magazine turned up in my mailbox written in my mother tongue which is English!

After the arrival of the first magazine I applied for more to be sent seeing as they were free.
Even though the content was of a religious nature I read them from cover to cover mostly for the English but also for the topics covered.

All topics were referred back to biblical content which I tended to ignore until, eventually, one of them lead me to the book of Isaiah.

The chapter of interest was Isaiah 53 where, the article pointed out for whatever reason, the prophet was speaking about the coming of the Messiah and His suffering and death for the salvation of mankind.

I was hooked and started on a long journey through the Bible and learned about the history of Israel.

I studied church history and how the Jewish christian church suffered and how christianity was Romanised and the temple in Jerusalem destroyed after the death of Jesus.

As a result I was baptised into the church responsible for the magazines and began to accept Saturday as the true day of rest known as the Sabbath.

I learned that easter and christmas originated from pagan times and that the emperor Constantine the Great converted to the Roman version of christianity for, probably, political reasons and incorporated the dates into the new state religion.

The fact that the early church was Jewish and started with 12 Jewish apostles was gradually blotted out and Peter 'became' Roman and is accepted by millions throughout the world to have been the founder of the Roman church.

Since my baptism I am not an avid church goer because I have come to the conclusion that religion is man made for devious reasons. Mostly I just read up stuff on the internet and come to my own conclusions after doing my own research.

Yesterday ( 6th Oct 2014) I was once again brought back to the same prophet Isaiah who kindled my interest almost 30 years ago and set me on the path of no return!

The Jewish people celebrated Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement without a temple to go to!
Their temple was razed to the ground in 70 A.D.

The author of the article sent to my internet mailbox pointed out that Isaiah 53 tells us of the righteous servant who would be sent by God to suffer and be sacrificed to death for our atonement.

He also wrote that the Hebrew prophet Daniel told us in the book of Daniel 9: 24-26 that the Anointed One would be cut off and after that the city and the sanctuary would be destroyed.

In other words Jesus/Messiah died and then the temple was destroyed
After three days He was resurrected and is the bridge between God and mankind.

Because of these two facts all those who believe in faith will be saved and no more sacrifices are necessary.

In a world wracked by violence and hatred these two prophets bring messages of hope for the suffering and the deluded.
Their messages were written long before Jesus was born and died but the messages remain true today and into tomorrow.

Read them with open minds and hearts!

Isaiah 53: Is it about Jesus/Messaiah

Daniel9: 24-26

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fatwah response to ISIS..this is not the path to paradise

I am not a Muslim but decided to post a link to this Fatwah in case anyone who is being addressed happens to read my blog!

What is happening in the world today will not and cannot be acceptable to a Creator who, after the creation period, said that 'it was good'

The Ten Commandments written in stone by the Creator's own finger and given to Moses states 'Thou shalt not murder'! To say that committing murder 'in God's name' was and still is anathema as He is the same yesterday, today and into the future.

Fatwah in response to ISIS

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paedophilia supported in the 'holy' Babylonian Talmud

Yesterday,  24th Sept 2014, I came across comments regarding the 'fact' that the Talmud ( albeit the 'Babylonian' Talmud ) supports and condones paedophilia.

Having read these gut wrenching accusations I started to research the matter and found that what was being said was, in fact, factual!

Child molestation is the vilest of crimes because an innocent child has no voice!

Obviously not all Jews practice this horror of horrors but do not, in general, loudly decry the practice!

The prophecy regarding Jews tells us that there will always be a remnant left who follow the Creator's commandments on how to live ones short life on earth.

Wise Jews will understand that if they do not totally and loudly reject this vile practice, there is no hope for them to be received into the presence of the Creator.

Those who actually preach that paedophilia is acceptible are, from what I understand, doomed to spend eternity in utter darkness!

Young boy, 11 yrs, dragged off street and raped in North London in broad daylight

The 'holy' Babylonian Talmud

Friday, September 12, 2014

Adelaide Caines: Parents release photo of daughter born at 24 weeks to stop late-term abortions

When I was a midwife in South Africa abortion was illegal unless the life of the mother was endangered and then 2 qualified medical practitioners had to give written permission for the operation to be carried out.

There were practitioners who did illegal abortions but these were few and far between at the time.

Hopefully this photo will persuade more people that abortion should be the very last resort and especially after 12 weeks!

Parents release photo of daughter born at 24 weeks to stop late- term abortions

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Terrorism defined

We are living in a time when morals and ethics have been rejected by the mainstream and liberal values rule the day to day lives of members of society in a globalised world.

To add to this destruction we have become addicted to political correctness which, in its turn, instills fear of speaking out against injustices perpetrated against these same members of society.

Generally speaking, morals and ethics are connected to religion and, especially in the western world, so called Christianity.
This supposed connection leads, in turn, to the rejection of morals and ethics in the corporate world where business and religion do not, for the most part, mix.

In a world where the worship of money and power has replaced the fear of the wrath of a Creator of the universe in whose image we are all created, man made religion has been established behind which those who strive towards more wealth and power, are able to hide their ultimate goals.

Sadly, because of the extent of poverty, ignorance and low self esteem, thousands of the younger generation are being sucked into the different ideologies and try to find some meaning to life by lashing out in hatred and vengeance and the commitment of very barberous and indecent acts against their fellowmen and, especially, women.

The people in power know how to manipulate these misguided masses by promising them great blessings in an afterlife if they voluntarily lay down their lives for whichever ideology they are following or researching. Once they become caught up in 'the system' it is virtually impossible to escape it as the mind becomes detached from reality by the continuing propaganda being preached.

Sadly no earthling knows anything about an afterlife and what it may or may not contain.
No soul has returned from physical death to tell whether voluntary suicide and the simultaneous snuffing out of other innocent lives will indeed bring great blessings, riches and power!
More than likely it will bring instead heavy curses and impenetratable darkness to the gullible souls who walk in the path of deception.

The Creator said, 'Let there be Light' and so walking in the light and being a light would be the wiser choice as opposed to walking in darkness and bringing darkness and despair to the creation.

The Creator is no respector of persons and has given us rules by which to live and carved in stone in the time of Moses. They remain the same for us all today!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Elias Abeulazam: Serial stabbing suspect sues to be sent to Israel

Elias Abeulazam is serving a no parole sentence in the USA.

Elias Abeulazam

Serial stabbing suspect sues to be sent to Israel

Child abuse thrives on silence!; Rotherham; Jimmy Savile

Just lately in the town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, 1,400 cases of child abuse ( white children groomed for sexual exploitation by Asian/Pakistani men) has been brought to light. This number may only be the tip of the iceberg and adds to all the other cases of child abuse by perpetrators such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. These last named gents were known as 'child friendly' worldwide until the truth was outed.

We live in a global society that worships family 'honour', liberalization and political correctness which, in its turn, demands total silence in the face of any happening which threatens this ideology. Morals and ethics have been cast out and, as a result, laws which are supposed to protect the general public against exploitation, have become null and void!

Morals and ethics have been discarded in the churches because church leaders are either too afraid to expose fellow church members or are indulging in these disgusting practices themselves!

Child abuse is, to say the least, despicable and should be stamped out with might and main! To all abused children I not keep silent! vigilant and do not be fooled into getting involved with persons who you even only slightly suspect may be out to do you harm.

Until morals and ethics are brought back into society as the norm, innocent children and even animals will continue to be victims of modern society's devotion to self love and self satisfaction.

Silence and denial of child abuse must end

Shame perpetuates child abuse

Friday, August 29, 2014

Israel will never be totally destroyed! There will always be a remnant!

The muslim and even part of the christian world is plotting to annihilate Israel but this has never happened and never will happen as God Himself has promised that there will always be a remnant left to carry His Holy banner into the future!

Israel will always have a remnant!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Tribute To Martyred Journalists and Hostages

We continually see documentaries concerning WW1 and WW2 and the horrific circumstances that fighting soldiers were subjected to.
The usually black and white films do instill fear and trembling as one sees the suffering that civilians went through and especially of the Jews who seem to be the planet's
most favourite scapegoats!

The world today is, once again,  in turmoil as hatred and vengeance and the rehashing of very old conflicts keep being dredged up and used as an excuse to shed more blood and inflict more misery in a globalised society.

There is a massive power struggle going on which is being disguised by different facades.

In the physical realm we have the East against the West, Nationalism against Socialism, Capitalism against Communism etc etc

In the spiritual realm we have Islamism against Christianity and then we have Islamism and Christianity against Judaism, Hinduism against Islamism, Darwinism against Creationism, Atheism and Agnosticism etc etc as our spiritual 'guides' argue about whose form of belief in God v Satan is the truest form or is a total lie!

All these conflicts are today being brought so directly into our homes that, even though we may be outside the conflict zones, we inadvertently become part of them because of amazing technology, the media and the journalists who go into dangerous war zones to report on world happenings.

While we know that all journalism isn't necessarily reporting the true facts, we read the reports and draw our own conclusions and act on them or remain silent in the hope that man made justice will take its course.

Just lately one of these journalist has been brutally murdered by beheading. He is not the first and will, no doubt, not be the last!

The article I'm linking this posting to speaks of more unfortunate hostages who have been killed in a similar fashion.

Whether they were thrill seekers or not is of no importance any more but I wish to remember them because of the pain and suffering that these video'd brutal and callous killings has caused their families.

James Foley beheaded by Isis

More hostages taken in Syria

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cliff Richard: From 1958 to 2014..A man of God or a fraud?

In 1958 I heard Cliff Richard sing 'Move It' on the radio and I became a devoted fan at the young age of 14 years. I was living in South Africa at the time and this was a devastation for me as my roots were in England and that's where I wanted to be!

Luckily the radio seemed to keep up with Cliff's hits and I was able to buy different British pop magazines that contained news and pictures of Cliff and the Shadows.

In 1961 Cliff and the Shadows visited South Africa and stayed at the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg. I lived out in the rural part of the country on a mining property about a three hour drive from Johannesburg so getting to the concert was out of the question.
I did get to speak to Hank Marvin on our old wind up telephone though and was so shocked when I got him on the line with very little effort that I could hardly get a word out. I never asked to speak to Cliff as I was sure they would never put him on the line!

I had quite a pleasant chat with Hank ( assuming it was him and I believe it was ) and then he said he had to go as the security people were going to try and get them out of the hotel and that would be difficult as there were so many fans screaming out front. I really was shaking when I hung up due to the shock of getting through to him on the ancient telephone!

The next day I was even more shocked when my uncle, who worked at the Central Fire Station in Johannesburg, arrived at our house with a program from the concert that was signed by Cliff and all the Shadows. He had done fire duty at the concert and obtained all the signatures while on duty backstage.
Sadly that program disappeared with other memorabilia when my parents retired and moved away.

I did get to see Cliff in action in 1976 or 1977 at a concert in a school hall that was packed with people and I stood outside with my neck craned at an angle to see and hear him for two hours. My husband was in a hurry to miss the rush of people at the end of the concert and so he literally dragged me off the second Cliff left the stage and as we came around the corner of the building he was also exiting in a hurry and by the time I realized who it was that was being hurried along to awaiting transport, it was too late to get a word out.
I was really most upset and especially as my husband, realising what I may have had in mind, dragged me off in the opposite direction!

Now, all these years later, because of a headline I saw in a newspaper yesterday, I find that my hero may turn into a 'pumpkin' in the near future and I find that he may have a son!

I have more research to do and especially as Cliff Richard has been seen as a man of God for all these years! Hopefully he's not going to be revealed as just another perverted molester of innocent children! How very very sad that will be for his fans and for true Christians in general

I want to know if I'm the secret love child of Cliff Richard

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Religion; Understanding the Creator/ our God; Jerusalem; Jesus Christ;Yeshua

13th Aug 2014

The world at the moment is undergoing very radical changes and the general peace we have known since the end of WW2 seems to have disappeared into thin air!

Thousands of people who call themselves Christians are being exterminated like rats and are being chased out of areas where they have lived in relative peace with their neighbours for hundreds of years.

Religion is said to be to blame for the chaos that now reigns in the Middle East which is the cradle of Judaism and Christianity and the much later introduced Islam.

Jerusalem is the city that is the thorn in the side of these three contesting religious forms.

God is the centre point around whom the conflict is being thrashed out and each version of 'God'...the ultimate Creator of the said to be the correct or only true form to be followed!
In all three 'versions' there are moderate forms and extreme forms and three versions of the laws that 'God' is said to have 'inspired'.
The Torah, the Bible and the Koran are the names of the books and the Torah seems to be the purest of translations from very ancient scripts. The Bible is close to the Torah in the Old Testament/Covenant and moves in its own direction in the New Testament/Covenant while often referring back to the Old Testament.
The Koran seems to be a rewrite of the Old Covenant according to what the followers of the Islamic faith believe.

Although none of what has been written down has actually been proved and will not be proved until after death, thousands of people have been murdered and are being murdered for believing or not believing as they do!

Behind the facade and disguise of extreme man made religions, despotic political power over oppressed mankind is being enforced! The perpetrators of this enforcement see themselves as immortal gods who wish to rule the world with an iron fist and to enslave uneducated and ignorant populations around the world in order to live an affluent lifestyle.
While these fast increasing populations remain poor and down trodden, human life becomes very cheap and easy to cull and replace. Children are the main victims in this degraded, immoral and unethical world that has gradually taken over in the my way of thinking and remembering..20 or less years.

Innocent children..the apple of the God's eye.. are being taught to kill and maim in wars. They are being forced to satisfy the perverted selfishness of users in the sex trade whether by being forced into prostitution or by being sold off into polygamous marriages before they reach puberty and to be used as household slaves by the rich and affluent!

I could go on but need to get to the point I wish to make!

The key to all this murder and destruction is how we..those who believe in a Creator of the universe and all that in it is.. view our Creator!

We may call Him by any name we like but if we do not understand His ultimate reason for creating the universe and all that in it is..which includes miserable, mortal human beings who seem to be focused on the total destruction of His awesome and ever changing, spectaculor Masterpiece which has design and form and depth and is, for the most part unfathomable..then, whatever we believe or don't is worthless!

 He..the creator of this work..which He called 'good' and that includes miserable, mortal mankind ^^..will in NEVER..allow His own handiwork to be utterly destroyed by the hand of miserable, mortal mankind..but will allow chaos and all the other horrors we are now experiencing because of our greed and arrogance, to continue until, eventually, we are forced to bow in humility and confess our disrespect and disdain of His power and glory!

We..the entire race of miserable, mortal human beings who were, are and are still to come until His time comes.. are an intricate part of His creation and is written..made in His image! This makes us His own..He owns us and He is no respector of persons! We are all the same in His eyes no matter who we are or how great we think we are! Nothing has been proved or will be proved until after death...but it is written that those who bring chaos and destruction to His creation and His created, will be judged and punished according to their deeds!

Religion is man made for man's own devious ends but the Creator is the ultimate ruler of all and has set out His rules for living (written in stone and delivered to Moses) and if we have sniffed and scoffed at them and totally rejected them..which we may do seeing as we have free will to accept or reject..we will inevitably join the ranks of the outcasts at the end of this earthly phase!

The writing is on the not be deceived!

Keep the faith, pray for the enemy and look to the Light!

Five Truths to keep in mind during persecution

Monday, August 11, 2014

#WeAreN: thousands unite to support persecuted Christians in Iraq | Christian News on Christian Today

I am not a follower of any particular 'church' but do believe that we are all created by one Creator and in His image!
By my understanding this means that we who call ourselves human beings, regardless of race, colour or creed, all belong to Him.
Nothing will be proven until after death but I believe that a Creator whose creation is so awesome and so precise, will hold us accountable for disrespecting His gift to us and for bringing unbearable misery and suffering to any part of His creation and in His name!
Religion is man made for our own selfish greed and ambition and what we call ourselves makes no difference because the Creator is no respector of persons and will, in His time, severely punish those who commit these atrocities.
Today we live in a time of siege and evil is rampant! We need to humble ourselves and ask the Creator to be merciful to those under siege and to remove the perpetrators from the face of the earth!

#WeAreN: thousands unite to support persecuted Christians in Iraq | Christian News on Christian Today

Monday, July 14, 2014

Psychopathic 'Morality': The Truth Behind the Kidnapping and Murder of 3 Israeli Teens -- Puppet Masters --

Because of what is going on in Israel and Gaza at the moment I decided to post these links because there are always 2 sides to a story!

My philosophy is that organised religion is man made in order to manipulate and coerce populations into supporting certain ideologies for the sake of greed and power!

I don't say that I agree with what is written in the article but if it is untrue then those being accused should find the perpertrators of the crime and bring them to justice!

In the meantime let me say that I have great empathy with all the youth involved because they are pawns in a very ugly game of chess!

I have every hope that the Creator of the universe will bring to justice all those who commit atrocities in His name! He is 'long suffering'/patient' because we are all part of His creation and are all made in His image!
He is no respector of persons and hates liars


Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Mahdi Video' Exposure Rattles Iranian Regime - World - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

'Mahdi Video' Exposure Rattles Iranian Regime - World - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

The Kurds: Who are the Kurds; USA's Realpolitik; Revenge of the Kurds: Kurdistan's Future In Bible Prophecy

Sadly I've never read up on the history of the Kurds but have read about the PKK and also Saddam Hussein's dreadful attack on them with chemical weapons.

Now, with the chaos going on in Iraq, I have done my homework and have come to the understanding that the Kurds could have their origins in the Medes who, it is written in the Bible, will play a major role in the end times of civilisation as it is set up today!

As we know, God is no respecter of persons and uses them to fulfil His long term plan for mankind and so, who knows what the future holds except He who created it?

It seems the USA has also been 'using' the Kurds for many years and then rejecting them when they are no longer needed! Even today they are fighting on the ground but the USA refuses to arm them because they are not seen as a 'necessity' in the struggle that is ongoing in Iraq and Syria with Turkey refusing to become involved.
The Kurds are the 'boots on the ground' fighting against the world's greatest threat to freedom as we in the west know it, and still they are not receiving the help they need!
If the prophecy is meant for the future then the good news is that the Kurds will get through this seemingly impossible battle for freedom even though many lives may be lost in the struggle!

Who are the Kurds?

The Kurds: Kurdistan's Future In Bible Prophecy

In chaos, an opportunity to gain ground

How the USA has used and discarded the Kurds/Realpolitik

Monday, June 16, 2014

Yogurt and skin care; Yogurt versus diarrhoea

Next month I turn 70 and have been told that, for such an old age, my skin still looks good!

I am not into using skin care products on the market as they contain so much 'junk'!
I use yogurt to soften and exfoliate my skin once a week and this seems to do the trick!

Yogurt and skin care

Just lately my granddaughter was attacked by the rotovirus and so I did some research on probiotics which are also found in yogurt.

Food myths about yogurt

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Satao: 45 year old bull elephant slaughtered by poachers! In memoriam..

Just read today of the horrendous and callous slaughter of a magnificent 45 yr old bull elephant named Satao, in Kenya. According to the report his face was hacked off as well as his tusks removed by the dreaded 'disease' aka poachers!

My wish for Satao is that he comes back to haunt and torment his killers and the buyers of his remains in dreadful and frightening nightmares for the rest of their miserable lives!!

Rest in peace Satao, along with all other poached elephants and rhinoes. Hopefully this disgusting form of greed and self satisfaction ends very soon!

Satao: Poachers kill famed giant Kenyan elephant..R.I.P.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Aloe Vera: Health benefits of aloe vera; Grow your own medicine

Aloe Vera: Health benefits; Grow your own medicine

The Caste System: India's Feudal Rapists

As a believer in a Creator who said, at the end of the creation period, that 'all is/was good', I find it hard to believe, in an enlightened world, that this degrading system still exists in a country that seems to have come out of the stone age!

The Caste System: India's Feudal Rapists

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Two India girls 'gang-raped' and hanged in Uttar Pradesh; Dalit community

One can only wonder why such degrading treatment of females in India and Pakistan continues! Respect and Education for all females needs to be seriously promoted in both these 'cricket playing' countries. Perhaps a cricket boycott by other competing nations could put the pressure on!

Two Indian girls 'gang-raped' and hanged in Uttar Pradesh

Friday, May 16, 2014

Apostasy: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim gives birth in shackles in Sudan after converting from Islam to Christianity and marrying a Christian man

At the end of the day all religions are man made with man made rules and regulations to suit the power hungry politicians who hide behind the veil of these religions as holy men to control the poor, the uneducated and the down trodden masses in, for the most part, developing countries ruled by despots and dictators.

These same man made religions continue to preach that women are worthless 'no class' beings who lead men into sin and debauchery and who should be treated with disgust, degraded and kept in chains and at the complete mercy of all men who, at the end of the day, would not have been born if it were not for the miracle of motherhood.

I myself am a woman and believe in a Creator who, at the end of the creation period, is said to have declared that all that was created was 'good' and that all mankind ( Adam and Eve aka man and woman) were created in the image of the Creator. By these words I understand that all men and women are equal and that, by despising women, followers of the man made religions with their man made laws are, in fact, committing blasphemy because they are teaching that what the Creator has said was, in fact, a lie! That it is in order and acceptable to down grade women and ill treat them even though they are, in the words of the Creator, made in His image.

The Creator is no respector of persons and those who continue their war against women, made in His image, can only expect the worst of punishments which would be to be banned from that which we, as believers, hope to experience into eternity.

From the example set we cannot accept that Yaweh and Allah are one and the same!

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim: To be executed by hanging in Sudan for converting from Islam to Christianity

Meriam Ibrahim gives birth in shackles

Petition to stop execution

'Apostasy' sentence condemned

What is apostasy?

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Genealogy of Afrikaners; Sandra Laing; Apartheid exposed!

After seeing the movie 'Skin' which tells the story of Sandra Laing who was born of white Afrikaans parents in South Africa in 1955 but had dark skin and frizzy hair and looked 'mixed race', I did some googling and found out why this had happened.

I am shocked to find that the people who founded Apartheid in the country of my birth actually have black blood themselves!

Genealogy of Afrikaners

Sandra Laing: The black woman-with white parents

Cannibis: Susan Bedack; Drugs wrecked my son's life; Legalisation would be a disaster for all

Cannibis wrecked my son's life

US Classifies Christian Persecutor Boko Haram as Terrorist Group

US Classifies Christian Persecutor Boko Haram as Terrorist Group

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Vladimir Putin: Biography

I find Vladimir Putin interesting and more so because he lives not too far from where I now live. This link may not remain 'alive' for long but is there for the reading until it it very well may!

Vladimir Putin: Biography

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/CRPS

One of my networking friends suffers from this dreadful affliction and wants people to know more about it so I'm posting this link with her in mind!

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/CRPS

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Kristian Gidlund: Swedish Musician and Journalist- In Memoriam

Sadly Kristian Gidlund died before he turned 30. He did hope for something more after death and seems to have found comfort in the song 'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain' sung by Willie Nelson and written by Fred Rose

Kritian Gidlund: In Memoriam

'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain'

Kristian Gidlund visits Nashville

Friday, January 24, 2014

MERCK v. STATE, Nos. SC10–1830, SC11–1676., January 24, 2013 - FL Supreme Court | FindLaw

MERCK v. STATE, Nos. SC10–1830, SC11–1676., January 24, 2013 - FL Supreme Court | FindLaw

Oscar Pistorius: Guilty of culpable homicide because of criminal negligence; Pistorius plans book; Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison

12th Sept 2014

After many months of argument and counter argument, Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide as opposed to premeditated murder.

Many people are not happy with the outcome but the Judge, Thokozile Masipa, has remained calm and focussed as a good judge should, and given the verdict that most people expected.

Hopefully Oscar will now remain calm and focussed himself until he is officially sentenced sometime in October and refrain from committing impulsive and destructive actions while he is free on bail.

At the end of the day Oscar may get a suspended sentence as opposed to spending from 5 to 8 years in prison! Should he get off scott free let us hope he will make a personal decision never to take up another firearm again for the rest of his life! By making such a decision he will show genuine respect for Reeva Steenkamp and her family and sincere remorse for the fact that he took her life in a moment of panic and because he tends to be trigger happy!

He would also be very wise to undergo therapy in order to discover what it is that turns him into a volatile and irrational being as opposed to a person who has overcome great odds to become a world star and mentor.

He seems to believe in God and so needs to lay his fear down and, in faith, believe that he has been blessed and given a great gift and needs to shine like a beacon in a dark and violent world!

 Pistorius plans book

The trial..

Yesterday ( 7th April 2014 ) the trial of Oscar Pistorius for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp continued and Oscar himself began his testimony. What he spoke about was really sad and one wanted to be in the court to comfort him as he stumbled through the telling of his story.

Today ( 8th April 2014 ) Oscar continues his story and is now describing his horror when he realised that Riva Steenkamp was quite possibly the person he had just shot 4 times at fairly close range behind the locked toilet door in his bathroom. The horror intensifies when he eventually batters a hole in the door and, on opening it, does indeed find her body inside the toilet.

Because of his great distress caused by the telling of his story,  the court has now adjourned until tomorrow. Unless Oscar is a very good actor and he doesn't get broken down during the cross examination by the prosecution, I believe he may be found innocent of murder.

9th April 2014
Well today the Prosecution got its claws in and things got really nasty! Because of 'evidence' in form of a video that had not been declared on the docket and because of a very graphic photo of Reeva Steenkamp's head after the shooting being shown, Oscar Pistorius was decimated!

Because I learned from a lawyer defending a death row prisoner in the USA in 1997, I know that what goes on between the Defence and the Prosecution is a fight to the bitter end. It is the Prosecution's absolute aim to prove guilt at all and any cost and today I saw this done very viciously! It is a good thing that I'm not squeamish but Oscar Pistorius, after that viewing, could quite easily be driven beyond his capability to cope! My heart goes out to the parents of the victim because they too had to view that photo..again probably..!

I would like to say that I admire the Judge because she has remained calm and in control and is still able to show empathy.

The court has now adjourned in order to allow Oscar Pistorius to get himself together in order to face the next barrage. May the Force be with him whichever way things swing.

pm: Well after a couple of breaks the trial went on and eventually Oscar was brought to the point where he found it very difficult to get past calling the whole catastrophe an 'accident'.
It seems he had to choose between flight or fight and, seeing as flight was not an option for him because he was balancing on his stumps, he followed the fight path and fired 4 shots at the toilet door without knowing who was behind it. It may be that his fear and paranoia caused him to snap and he fired because of the extreme tension that had built up ( which would mean that he was not in control of his actions ) or that he actively chose to pull the trigger ( which means the whole action was no accident as he insists that it was. )

Tomorrow the case continues...let's see what other surprises the prosecution pulls out of the hat!

10th April 2014: Lots of old stuff came up today but nothing very loudly incriminated the accused concerning the actual case except that he probably broke a few gun rules as many gun owners do. I was married to a gun owner once and so can speak from experience.
He used to leave his loaded Magnum .38 on the night table at night when I worked night shift and our son of 4 yrs slept in the room next door.
Very irresponsible behaviour that and I eventually moved out with my son in fear of something catastrophic happening!

The fan situation may cause problems though..

21st Oct 2014
At last Oscar Pistorius has received his sentence which is 5 years in prison.

By the sound of things he may get to spend from 2 years to 10 months in actual prison time and the rest will be under house arrest.

The sentence can be classified as 'light' but Oscar has to contend with serious threats to his life while behind bars, prison rape and other gross happenings that may crop up.

He will also have to contend with recurring bouts of ptsd and guilt which will haunt him from time to time and which, in turn, can lead to heavy depression.

At least Reeva Steenkamp's family seem to feel that justice has been served and hopefully they can move forward with the rest of their lives.

Hopefully Oscar gets therapy for anger management and never picks up a gun again in his lifetime. Prison can be a time to grow and mature!

Oscar Pistorius begins jail term

Fan blows away Oscar's story

Reeva Steenkamp standing 'with hand on door handle' when she was shot dead

Oscar 'danger to society'; mental health issues

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Female Genital Mutilation: 'The Cruel Cut'; Arrests made in female genital mutilation case in UK;

Female genital mutilation is illegal in many countries and yet thousands of young girls ( as young as 6 weeks!! ) are being subjected to this 'stone-age' practice!

It seems that there is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel as 2 people have been arrested in  London for being involved in the mutilation of a tiny baby!

Leyla Hussein

The Cruel Cut

Tackling FGM

UK's approach to FGM not working

FGM: Arrests in female genital mutilation case

Mukhtaran Bibi: Gang raped in clan ' honour' revenge punishment

In this new year of 2014 I read the history of a very brave- spirited woman named Mukhtaran Bibi from Pakistan. In spite of her horrific treatment on orders from local government, she survived the degradation and has gone on to be the mother of a baby boy. Hopefully he will follow in his mother's footsteps and reject the 'stone age' culture that holds his country back from moving out of poverty and ignorance!

Mukhtaran Bibi: 'Honour' gang rape victim, survivor and activist

Mukhtaran Bibi gives birth to baby boy