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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Tribute To Martyred Journalists and Hostages

We continually see documentaries concerning WW1 and WW2 and the horrific circumstances that fighting soldiers were subjected to.
The usually black and white films do instill fear and trembling as one sees the suffering that civilians went through and especially of the Jews who seem to be the planet's
most favourite scapegoats!

The world today is, once again,  in turmoil as hatred and vengeance and the rehashing of very old conflicts keep being dredged up and used as an excuse to shed more blood and inflict more misery in a globalised society.

There is a massive power struggle going on which is being disguised by different facades.

In the physical realm we have the East against the West, Nationalism against Socialism, Capitalism against Communism etc etc

In the spiritual realm we have Islamism against Christianity and then we have Islamism and Christianity against Judaism, Hinduism against Islamism, Darwinism against Creationism, Atheism and Agnosticism etc etc as our spiritual 'guides' argue about whose form of belief in God v Satan is the truest form or is a total lie!

All these conflicts are today being brought so directly into our homes that, even though we may be outside the conflict zones, we inadvertently become part of them because of amazing technology, the media and the journalists who go into dangerous war zones to report on world happenings.

While we know that all journalism isn't necessarily reporting the true facts, we read the reports and draw our own conclusions and act on them or remain silent in the hope that man made justice will take its course.

Just lately one of these journalist has been brutally murdered by beheading. He is not the first and will, no doubt, not be the last!

The article I'm linking this posting to speaks of more unfortunate hostages who have been killed in a similar fashion.

Whether they were thrill seekers or not is of no importance any more but I wish to remember them because of the pain and suffering that these video'd brutal and callous killings has caused their families.

James Foley beheaded by Isis

More hostages taken in Syria

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