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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Sweden: Land of Double Standards

Sweden: Land of Double Standards

Michael Lambrix: Executed after 33 years on Florida's Death Row

I was rather sad to hear that Michael Lambrix was executed this month of October 2017 after spending 33 long years on Florida's Death Row.
I 'met' Mr Lambrix way back in 1997 when I first started corresponding with Florida death row prisoners. I never actually corresponded with him but often looked him up to see how his appeals were doing as I updated my Yahoo group info and also my own death row website called 'Prison Potpourri' which, while it was up and running, had very many visitors.
I myself think that it's the child molestors and murderers who should be put to death as they are the truly evil ones in the sense of the word but they seem to escape this fate and go on to re-commit their evil deeds..and especially in Europe where sentences are truly a joke!
My empathies are with the family of Mr Lambrix who have walked this long road with him and knowing that he became a victim of injustice himself.

Michael Lambrix: Florida Death Row Inmate Speaks Out Before His Execution

Michael Lambrix executed after 33 years on Florida's Death Row