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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Elias Abeulazam: Serial stabbing suspect sues to be sent to Israel

Elias Abeulazam is serving a no parole sentence in the USA.

Elias Abeulazam

Serial stabbing suspect sues to be sent to Israel

Child abuse thrives on silence!; Rotherham; Jimmy Savile

Just lately in the town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, 1,400 cases of child abuse ( white children groomed for sexual exploitation by Asian/Pakistani men) has been brought to light. This number may only be the tip of the iceberg and adds to all the other cases of child abuse by perpetrators such as Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. These last named gents were known as 'child friendly' worldwide until the truth was outed.

We live in a global society that worships family 'honour', liberalization and political correctness which, in its turn, demands total silence in the face of any happening which threatens this ideology. Morals and ethics have been cast out and, as a result, laws which are supposed to protect the general public against exploitation, have become null and void!

Morals and ethics have been discarded in the churches because church leaders are either too afraid to expose fellow church members or are indulging in these disgusting practices themselves!

Child abuse is, to say the least, despicable and should be stamped out with might and main! To all abused children I not keep silent! vigilant and do not be fooled into getting involved with persons who you even only slightly suspect may be out to do you harm.

Until morals and ethics are brought back into society as the norm, innocent children and even animals will continue to be victims of modern society's devotion to self love and self satisfaction.

Silence and denial of child abuse must end

Shame perpetuates child abuse

Friday, August 29, 2014

Israel will never be totally destroyed! There will always be a remnant!

The muslim and even part of the christian world is plotting to annihilate Israel but this has never happened and never will happen as God Himself has promised that there will always be a remnant left to carry His Holy banner into the future!

Israel will always have a remnant!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Tribute To Martyred Journalists and Hostages

We continually see documentaries concerning WW1 and WW2 and the horrific circumstances that fighting soldiers were subjected to.
The usually black and white films do instill fear and trembling as one sees the suffering that civilians went through and especially of the Jews who seem to be the planet's
most favourite scapegoats!

The world today is, once again,  in turmoil as hatred and vengeance and the rehashing of very old conflicts keep being dredged up and used as an excuse to shed more blood and inflict more misery in a globalised society.

There is a massive power struggle going on which is being disguised by different facades.

In the physical realm we have the East against the West, Nationalism against Socialism, Capitalism against Communism etc etc

In the spiritual realm we have Islamism against Christianity and then we have Islamism and Christianity against Judaism, Hinduism against Islamism, Darwinism against Creationism, Atheism and Agnosticism etc etc as our spiritual 'guides' argue about whose form of belief in God v Satan is the truest form or is a total lie!

All these conflicts are today being brought so directly into our homes that, even though we may be outside the conflict zones, we inadvertently become part of them because of amazing technology, the media and the journalists who go into dangerous war zones to report on world happenings.

While we know that all journalism isn't necessarily reporting the true facts, we read the reports and draw our own conclusions and act on them or remain silent in the hope that man made justice will take its course.

Just lately one of these journalist has been brutally murdered by beheading. He is not the first and will, no doubt, not be the last!

The article I'm linking this posting to speaks of more unfortunate hostages who have been killed in a similar fashion.

Whether they were thrill seekers or not is of no importance any more but I wish to remember them because of the pain and suffering that these video'd brutal and callous killings has caused their families.

James Foley beheaded by Isis

More hostages taken in Syria

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cliff Richard: From 1958 to 2014..A man of God or a fraud?

In 1958 I heard Cliff Richard sing 'Move It' on the radio and I became a devoted fan at the young age of 14 years. I was living in South Africa at the time and this was a devastation for me as my roots were in England and that's where I wanted to be!

Luckily the radio seemed to keep up with Cliff's hits and I was able to buy different British pop magazines that contained news and pictures of Cliff and the Shadows.

In 1961 Cliff and the Shadows visited South Africa and stayed at the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg. I lived out in the rural part of the country on a mining property about a three hour drive from Johannesburg so getting to the concert was out of the question.
I did get to speak to Hank Marvin on our old wind up telephone though and was so shocked when I got him on the line with very little effort that I could hardly get a word out. I never asked to speak to Cliff as I was sure they would never put him on the line!

I had quite a pleasant chat with Hank ( assuming it was him and I believe it was ) and then he said he had to go as the security people were going to try and get them out of the hotel and that would be difficult as there were so many fans screaming out front. I really was shaking when I hung up due to the shock of getting through to him on the ancient telephone!

The next day I was even more shocked when my uncle, who worked at the Central Fire Station in Johannesburg, arrived at our house with a program from the concert that was signed by Cliff and all the Shadows. He had done fire duty at the concert and obtained all the signatures while on duty backstage.
Sadly that program disappeared with other memorabilia when my parents retired and moved away.

I did get to see Cliff in action in 1976 or 1977 at a concert in a school hall that was packed with people and I stood outside with my neck craned at an angle to see and hear him for two hours. My husband was in a hurry to miss the rush of people at the end of the concert and so he literally dragged me off the second Cliff left the stage and as we came around the corner of the building he was also exiting in a hurry and by the time I realized who it was that was being hurried along to awaiting transport, it was too late to get a word out.
I was really most upset and especially as my husband, realising what I may have had in mind, dragged me off in the opposite direction!

Now, all these years later, because of a headline I saw in a newspaper yesterday, I find that my hero may turn into a 'pumpkin' in the near future and I find that he may have a son!

I have more research to do and especially as Cliff Richard has been seen as a man of God for all these years! Hopefully he's not going to be revealed as just another perverted molester of innocent children! How very very sad that will be for his fans and for true Christians in general

I want to know if I'm the secret love child of Cliff Richard

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Religion; Understanding the Creator/ our God; Jerusalem; Jesus Christ;Yeshua

13th Aug 2014

The world at the moment is undergoing very radical changes and the general peace we have known since the end of WW2 seems to have disappeared into thin air!

Thousands of people who call themselves Christians are being exterminated like rats and are being chased out of areas where they have lived in relative peace with their neighbours for hundreds of years.

Religion is said to be to blame for the chaos that now reigns in the Middle East which is the cradle of Judaism and Christianity and the much later introduced Islam.

Jerusalem is the city that is the thorn in the side of these three contesting religious forms.

God is the centre point around whom the conflict is being thrashed out and each version of 'God'...the ultimate Creator of the said to be the correct or only true form to be followed!
In all three 'versions' there are moderate forms and extreme forms and three versions of the laws that 'God' is said to have 'inspired'.
The Torah, the Bible and the Koran are the names of the books and the Torah seems to be the purest of translations from very ancient scripts. The Bible is close to the Torah in the Old Testament/Covenant and moves in its own direction in the New Testament/Covenant while often referring back to the Old Testament.
The Koran seems to be a rewrite of the Old Covenant according to what the followers of the Islamic faith believe.

Although none of what has been written down has actually been proved and will not be proved until after death, thousands of people have been murdered and are being murdered for believing or not believing as they do!

Behind the facade and disguise of extreme man made religions, despotic political power over oppressed mankind is being enforced! The perpetrators of this enforcement see themselves as immortal gods who wish to rule the world with an iron fist and to enslave uneducated and ignorant populations around the world in order to live an affluent lifestyle.
While these fast increasing populations remain poor and down trodden, human life becomes very cheap and easy to cull and replace. Children are the main victims in this degraded, immoral and unethical world that has gradually taken over in the my way of thinking and remembering..20 or less years.

Innocent children..the apple of the God's eye.. are being taught to kill and maim in wars. They are being forced to satisfy the perverted selfishness of users in the sex trade whether by being forced into prostitution or by being sold off into polygamous marriages before they reach puberty and to be used as household slaves by the rich and affluent!

I could go on but need to get to the point I wish to make!

The key to all this murder and destruction is how we..those who believe in a Creator of the universe and all that in it is.. view our Creator!

We may call Him by any name we like but if we do not understand His ultimate reason for creating the universe and all that in it is..which includes miserable, mortal human beings who seem to be focused on the total destruction of His awesome and ever changing, spectaculor Masterpiece which has design and form and depth and is, for the most part unfathomable..then, whatever we believe or don't is worthless!

 He..the creator of this work..which He called 'good' and that includes miserable, mortal mankind ^^..will in NEVER..allow His own handiwork to be utterly destroyed by the hand of miserable, mortal mankind..but will allow chaos and all the other horrors we are now experiencing because of our greed and arrogance, to continue until, eventually, we are forced to bow in humility and confess our disrespect and disdain of His power and glory!

We..the entire race of miserable, mortal human beings who were, are and are still to come until His time comes.. are an intricate part of His creation and is written..made in His image! This makes us His own..He owns us and He is no respector of persons! We are all the same in His eyes no matter who we are or how great we think we are! Nothing has been proved or will be proved until after death...but it is written that those who bring chaos and destruction to His creation and His created, will be judged and punished according to their deeds!

Religion is man made for man's own devious ends but the Creator is the ultimate ruler of all and has set out His rules for living (written in stone and delivered to Moses) and if we have sniffed and scoffed at them and totally rejected them..which we may do seeing as we have free will to accept or reject..we will inevitably join the ranks of the outcasts at the end of this earthly phase!

The writing is on the not be deceived!

Keep the faith, pray for the enemy and look to the Light!

Five Truths to keep in mind during persecution

Monday, August 11, 2014

#WeAreN: thousands unite to support persecuted Christians in Iraq | Christian News on Christian Today

I am not a follower of any particular 'church' but do believe that we are all created by one Creator and in His image!
By my understanding this means that we who call ourselves human beings, regardless of race, colour or creed, all belong to Him.
Nothing will be proven until after death but I believe that a Creator whose creation is so awesome and so precise, will hold us accountable for disrespecting His gift to us and for bringing unbearable misery and suffering to any part of His creation and in His name!
Religion is man made for our own selfish greed and ambition and what we call ourselves makes no difference because the Creator is no respector of persons and will, in His time, severely punish those who commit these atrocities.
Today we live in a time of siege and evil is rampant! We need to humble ourselves and ask the Creator to be merciful to those under siege and to remove the perpetrators from the face of the earth!

#WeAreN: thousands unite to support persecuted Christians in Iraq | Christian News on Christian Today