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Friday, December 25, 2009

Bob Dylan, 'Christmas in the Heart', What does 'Judeo-Christian' mean?

'Christmas in the Heart':
I received this AWESOME album from my 'old man' even tho' he's anything but a Dylan fan. ( Of course I requested it because I am a Dylan 'fan-atic! )

The tracks on the album are a mix of carols and fun songs..all well-known and loved..and sung in Bob's best and raspiest voice. The background music and vocals are also great.

I don't celebrate the consumerism and greed that tend to dominate this traditional time of year but I grew up with the carols and the songs and it's 'in the blood' so to speak.

I have followed the life and times of Bob Dylan since 1965 and I'm really overjoyed that there is a chance of us meeting in the next phase because it seems that he follows Judeo-Christianity as I do.

So a BIG 'thank you' to Bob Dylan/Zimmerman for making this album, making Christmas 2009 my finest yet and for donating the proceeds of the album to a good cause.

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