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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saeed Abedini: In prison in Iran for sharing his faith in Jesus Christ

For some time  I have been following the story of Saeed Abedini who is in prison in Iran for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to muslims and helping to set up house churches in the country.
Being a believer in the Creator of the universe myself, I find it strange why it is so hard for those who believe in a spiritual god to not believe that He is able to present Himself in human form to mankind.
If, after all, He is able to create the universe and all that in it is, surely appearing to human beings in human form is no big deal for one as powerful as He because with 'a' god all things are possible..or not?

As a muslim turned christian Saeed knew the risks and yet he kept on doing what he was doing and even, after being arrested and set free, he returned to Iran again!

It seems that, as in China, the persecution of followers of Jesus Christ  is not slowing down conversion to a movement that was founded in love by a man who gave up His own life readily in order to reunite sinful man with with their Creator.

Once one begins to understand that for a God who created the universe and all that in it is, appearing to human beings as a human being Himself would not be a big deal because with God all things are possible. Dying as a perfect human sacrifice in order to take on the burden of sin in an amoral and wicked world so that those who believe will be with Him in the afterlife is rather more mindboggling but makes sense!

To share eternity with the Creator of all life and to experience His awesome creation to the fullest certainly gives me the incentive to want to share this news and so it is with others who are waking up to the reality of things unseen!
The best news is that the Creator wants us all to share His gift and so He is calling people from every walk of life to share this information.

However, as with all great news, there is also bad news!
There are those who wish to prevent us from sharing the kingdom with the Creator and are making it their business to persecute and kill the message bearers because they do not want them to spread the word! Saeed is one of these message bearers and he may lose his physical life in prison in Iran.

He and his family need prayers and mostly for courage to accept that God may allow him to die in order to fulfill His plan of redemption for the many! This is often the lot of those brave ones who see the bigger picture!

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Why the Middle East needs more kings

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr: Why is Saudi Arabia planning to behead and crucify him?; Saudi Arabia gets top Human Rights post

Instead of passing judgement I have decided to look only at the facts and say to myself 'is this a blessing or a curse'?
After having lived for 71 yrs on this shifting planet I have last..that what I have called a curse often turns into a blessing because..with my God..nothing is impossible!

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr: Why is Saudi Arabia planning to behead and crucify him?

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Jerusalem: Archaeology prove Jewish connection to Temple Mount

Thanks to a facebook posting I found this amazing video!
Our help is needed to help fund more research into an extremely vital part of Biblical history!

Video: Archaeology proves Jewish connection to Temple Mount

Pay Iran To Take Syria's Refugees

As Europe drowns in refugees and economic migrants I think that the writer of this article has come up with an interesting suggestion!

Pay Iran to take Syria's refugees

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Migration Crisis: Germany Wants to Be 'Miss Congeniality'

Migration Crisis: Germany Wants to Be 'Miss Congeniality'

The quest for God: Christianity v Islam..the awesome difference

In this year of 2015 we are experiencing a world in turmoil and chaos!
Thousands of people are displaced because of religious wars and corruption and children are being churned out and thrown away to live a life of misery and degradation with no hope of escape!
Today I found this video that hopefully will help it has helped me.. to understand why religion plays such a burdensome role in the suffering that is ongoing due to the brand or branch we tend to follow.
Are we saved by works and deeds, continuous guilt and fear of our chosen god or are we saved by faith and grace and hope which is promised?


Thursday, September 10, 2015