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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fatwah response to ISIS..this is not the path to paradise

I am not a Muslim but decided to post a link to this Fatwah in case anyone who is being addressed happens to read my blog!

What is happening in the world today will not and cannot be acceptable to a Creator who, after the creation period, said that 'it was good'

The Ten Commandments written in stone by the Creator's own finger and given to Moses states 'Thou shalt not murder'! To say that committing murder 'in God's name' was and still is anathema as He is the same yesterday, today and into the future.

Fatwah in response to ISIS

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paedophilia supported in the 'holy' Babylonian Talmud

Yesterday,  24th Sept 2014, I came across comments regarding the 'fact' that the Talmud ( albeit the 'Babylonian' Talmud ) supports and condones paedophilia.

Having read these gut wrenching accusations I started to research the matter and found that what was being said was, in fact, factual!

Child molestation is the vilest of crimes because an innocent child has no voice!

Obviously not all Jews practice this horror of horrors but do not, in general, loudly decry the practice!

The prophecy regarding Jews tells us that there will always be a remnant left who follow the Creator's commandments on how to live ones short life on earth.

Wise Jews will understand that if they do not totally and loudly reject this vile practice, there is no hope for them to be received into the presence of the Creator.

Those who actually preach that paedophilia is acceptible are, from what I understand, doomed to spend eternity in utter darkness!

Young boy, 11 yrs, dragged off street and raped in North London in broad daylight

The 'holy' Babylonian Talmud

Friday, September 12, 2014

Adelaide Caines: Parents release photo of daughter born at 24 weeks to stop late-term abortions

When I was a midwife in South Africa abortion was illegal unless the life of the mother was endangered and then 2 qualified medical practitioners had to give written permission for the operation to be carried out.

There were practitioners who did illegal abortions but these were few and far between at the time.

Hopefully this photo will persuade more people that abortion should be the very last resort and especially after 12 weeks!

Parents release photo of daughter born at 24 weeks to stop late- term abortions

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Terrorism defined

We are living in a time when morals and ethics have been rejected by the mainstream and liberal values rule the day to day lives of members of society in a globalised world.

To add to this destruction we have become addicted to political correctness which, in its turn, instills fear of speaking out against injustices perpetrated against these same members of society.

Generally speaking, morals and ethics are connected to religion and, especially in the western world, so called Christianity.
This supposed connection leads, in turn, to the rejection of morals and ethics in the corporate world where business and religion do not, for the most part, mix.

In a world where the worship of money and power has replaced the fear of the wrath of a Creator of the universe in whose image we are all created, man made religion has been established behind which those who strive towards more wealth and power, are able to hide their ultimate goals.

Sadly, because of the extent of poverty, ignorance and low self esteem, thousands of the younger generation are being sucked into the different ideologies and try to find some meaning to life by lashing out in hatred and vengeance and the commitment of very barberous and indecent acts against their fellowmen and, especially, women.

The people in power know how to manipulate these misguided masses by promising them great blessings in an afterlife if they voluntarily lay down their lives for whichever ideology they are following or researching. Once they become caught up in 'the system' it is virtually impossible to escape it as the mind becomes detached from reality by the continuing propaganda being preached.

Sadly no earthling knows anything about an afterlife and what it may or may not contain.
No soul has returned from physical death to tell whether voluntary suicide and the simultaneous snuffing out of other innocent lives will indeed bring great blessings, riches and power!
More than likely it will bring instead heavy curses and impenetratable darkness to the gullible souls who walk in the path of deception.

The Creator said, 'Let there be Light' and so walking in the light and being a light would be the wiser choice as opposed to walking in darkness and bringing darkness and despair to the creation.

The Creator is no respector of persons and has given us rules by which to live and carved in stone in the time of Moses. They remain the same for us all today!