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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paedophilia supported in the 'holy' Babylonian Talmud

Yesterday,  24th Sept 2014, I came across comments regarding the 'fact' that the Talmud ( albeit the 'Babylonian' Talmud ) supports and condones paedophilia.

Having read these gut wrenching accusations I started to research the matter and found that what was being said was, in fact, factual!

Child molestation is the vilest of crimes because an innocent child has no voice!

Obviously not all Jews practice this horror of horrors but do not, in general, loudly decry the practice!

The prophecy regarding Jews tells us that there will always be a remnant left who follow the Creator's commandments on how to live ones short life on earth.

Wise Jews will understand that if they do not totally and loudly reject this vile practice, there is no hope for them to be received into the presence of the Creator.

Those who actually preach that paedophilia is acceptible are, from what I understand, doomed to spend eternity in utter darkness!

Young boy, 11 yrs, dragged off street and raped in North London in broad daylight

The 'holy' Babylonian Talmud

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