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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Petition: Freedom For Asia Bibi..please sign; Video and film clip

I just signed the petition "FREEDOM FOR ASIA BIBI! - new evidence" on CitizenGO.
It's important. Will you sign it too?

Here's the link:

Petition: Freedom for Asia Bibi

Saturday, May 23, 2015

CBN TV - The Walid Shoebat Interview; 'Why We Want To Kill You'; The truth behind Jihad

The media talks constantly about Jihad and Jihadists but we who read these reports do not really understand the absolutely frightening truth about what these terms mean!
Today I was pointed in the direction of a book called 'Why We Want To Kill You' written by a former Islamic terrorist named Walid Shoebat and am posting a link to an interview he did with CBN a while back!
To defeat our potential murderers we have to give up our true god OIL in order to isolate 'cancer' he calls that it can self destruct!

CBN TV - The Walid Shoebat Interview

Who is Walid Shoebat

Hamas, Europe and How to Get a State

Hamas, Europe and How to Get a State

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Myriam: A 10 year old Iraqi Christian girl's response to Daesh aka 'Isis'

One reads on a daily basis about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East by Daesh aka ISIS and cannot help wondering why God..assuming He exists and is the Creator of all the world and that includes mankind..patiently tolerates the atrocities comitted against innocent and voiceless small children and babies.
The testimony of Myriam inspired me today after listening to it, to remember that, even tho' there isn't much I can physically do to change the status quo,  I am a Prayer Warrior and that God/Jesus hears and answers all heartfelt prayers.
Join me in praying for the souls of those who are deluded and lost in a very dark place and that they will be guided back into the Light by the Holy Spirit!
With God all things are possible!

VIDEO: Iraqi refugee girl forgives Daesh aka Isis
Myriam's testimony about Jesus

A Christian response to ISIS

Defending Freedom of Speech

Defending Freedom of Speech

Friday, May 08, 2015

Illegal Ivory Trade; Guitarist Slash shares elephant- theme music video about elephant poaching

Elephant poaching has reached horrific heights as the illegal trade in ivory brings in millions of dollars in Africa, Asia and the USA.
Musician Slash shares a music video about this ghastly trade to bring more awareness to the world in the hope of changing hearts and minds!

Illegal Ivory Trade; Guitarist Slash shares elephant-theme music video about elephant poaching

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Stuart Young: Scotland; Man guilty of raping one-day-old baby boy!

We live in a very destructive and remorseless world where children of all ages are exploited, molested and abused and murdered on a daily basis.
Sadly the perpetrators of these horrific crimes are not adequately punished in a liberal world justice system and so the vicious circle gets wider and wider.
My hope is that there is a Creator of life and that true justice will be imposed on those who disrespect that which has been created when they are called to take responsibility for their evil deeds!

With the break down of family life there are few voices who can speak out for these voiceless innocent little victims!

One wonders how this odious creature came in contact with the victims concerned in the first place!

Stuart Young: Man guilty of raping one-day-old baby boy

'Nations don't change without a good crisis' - Sweden's news in English

'Nations don't change without a good crisis' - Sweden's news in English