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Monday, December 31, 2018

☆Happy New Year 2019☆


Today is the first day of a new year on the Gregorian calendar!
May it be a better year than last year although that may be alot to expect!

Well whatever is dished up may we have the strength to cope and the courage to keep on keeping on!

Happy New Year 2019 ☆☆☆

America's Loyal Syrian Kurdish Allies Evade Annihilation

America's Loyal Syrian Kurdish Allies Evade Annihilation: It would be strategic wisdom to maintain the small US presence in Syria while reducing the US profile in Iraq in order to forestall a looming demand by the Iraqi parliament for a total US withdrawal. Now it is probably too late because the Syrian Kurds

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Frontlinjer:Jonathan Hessen in Sweden; TV7 Israel News

Sweden is indeed a country of surprises!♡

In the news one keeps reading about how Sweden is ultra-anti Israel and especially the country's past and possibly next foreign minister!
However, behind scenes, there are those who take a stand for this very 'attacked' country and today, while googling the name of Jonathan Hessen, I came across a very interesting video!

Jonathan Hessen, popular presenter of Israel's TV7 Israel News, is apparently no stranger to Sweden....

Video: Jonathan Hessen: Interview in Sweden

UK Welcomes Extremists, Bans Critics of Extremists

UK Welcomes Extremists, Bans Critics of Extremists: In November, it was reported that the Pakistani Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi, was unlikely to be offered asylum by the British government due to concerns about 'community' relations in the UK. What this means is that the UK government was worried

Friday, December 28, 2018

Asia Bibi's neighbours want her dead!

Asia Bibi's neighbours want her dead!

Pistorius Runs Bible Study And Prayer Group Behind Bars

We know that God uses those He will use to carry out His work wherever and whenever and Oscar Pistorius is about our Father's business it seems!

Pistorius Runs Bible Study And Prayer Group Behind Bars

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Church Lied To Us

An eye-opening video about illiteracy and how the 'church' kept people ignorant of God's Holy Commandments which were perfect and are still perfect and very relevant today as the world spirals down into darkness once more!

Video: The Church Lied To Us

Faktaförnekarna ser inte problem med hög invandring

Faktaförnekarna ser inte problem med hög invandring

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later

Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later: Since I was born on the seventh of December, and the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor forever made this same day back in 1941 “a day of infamy,” my mother nicknamed me her “Pearl Harbor baby.” This caused me to take special interest in this historic occurrence. Its 75th anniversary is an opportune time to reflect on lessons from this event as they apply to mankind as a whole.

Very Merriest Christmas and Happiest Winter Holidays!

Many thanks to Gatestone for keeping us in the picture and may your works bear good fruit in 2019!

Very Merriest Christmas and Happiest Winter Holidays!: Wishing only the best for our treasured friends at Gatestone, the Free World and all the people trapped outside the Free World. If the US does not preserve it, who will? Blessings for the New Year! All of us at Gatestone

The Rubber Whip: Extremist Persecution of Christians, October 2018

Sadly western civilisation has deluded itself that, by throwing out the 'God of the Bible' and accepting Liberalism in His place where the common values of family unity which include mother, father and children of male and female gender, morals and ethics, self respect, respect for and caring and sharing and an over all love of fellow man have been almost totally wiped out.
Sexual perversion runs rampant and young children are being force-fed this depraved stuff in schools under the heading of 'education'!

Liberalism is supposed to mean that selfish and self indulgent mankind is now totally in charge of 'itself' but, as the ongoing violent depression of world societies by followers of another 'god' increase, it will soon become necessary for the deluded ones to reboot their thinking patterns..if it isn't already too late!

It is very comforting to know that the God of the Bible is and always has been a merciful God who, in spite of being rejected by mankind in general, always keeps for Himself a Remnant who will love and respect Him for who He is..the Creator and Father of all life on the planet and of the universe in its entirety.
This Remnant will continue into the next phase when, in its time which is approaching fast, He, once again, sends punishment in form of war, drought, great famine, disease and increasing natural disasters. We are already seeing an increase in this latter phenomena and call it 'climate change'.
As these 'birth pangs' increase mankind will feverishly seek other explanations as they cling in vain to their sin-filled lifestyles.

The God of the Bible promises blessings or curses and these are as valid today as they were valid in the past!

The Truth About Blessings and Curses in Deuteronomy 28

Romans 1: 28-31


The Rubber Whip: Extremist Persecution of Christians, October 2018: Following the secession of South Sudan in 2011, Sudan President Omar al-Bashir vowed to adopt a stricter version of sharia (Islamic law) and recognize only Islamic culture and the Arabic language. Church leaders said Sudanese authorities have demolished

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Why Trump Can't Be Airbrushed Out of the Picture

Why Trump Can't Be Airbrushed Out of the Picture: President Donald Trump has put a number of burning issues back on the agenda. These include the widening income gap in the United States, the unintended and unexpected consequences of outsourcing, and the disequilibrium created by signing trade

New Revelation: Previous US Administration Facilitated Christian Genocide in Nigeria

New Revelation: Previous US Administration Facilitated Christian Genocide in Nigeria: 'On March 23, 2015, President Obama himself took the unusual step of releasing a video message directly to Nigerians all but telling them how to vote. In that video, Obama urged Nigerians to open the 'next chapter' by their votes.' — Goodluck Jonathan,

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Tibor Rubin..His Story; Mitzvah; Charitable deeds; Anti-Semitism

Today I listened to a great teaching about the importance of 'mitzvah' as one walks with YHWH/ God on the journey through life.

The word 'mitzvah' can mean 'a charitable act' which is done over and above the Law of God because we are told to 'love our neighbour as we love ourselves'.
Gen 26:5

Then, on YouTube, I heard the story of Tibor Rubin being related by a well known pastor and how his mitzvahs saved many American soldiers' lives in the Korean war.

I checked out the story and found, among quite a few versions, the one to which I am posting the link.

It gives me hope that, in spite of being a very ordinary human being as was Tibor Reuben, I too am performing/have performed mitzvahs which glorify God.

It took many years to be recognised for his great deeds here on earth but, being a believing Jew, Tibor Rubin had the hope of receiving rewards for his faithfulness if not in this world, more importantly, in the world to come/ olam haba.

Tibor Rubin..his story

Germany: New Law Banning Child Marriage Declared Unconstitutional

Germany: New Law Banning Child Marriage Declared Unconstitutional: The ruling, which effectively opens the door to legalizing Sharia-based child marriages in Germany, is one of a growing number of instances in which German courts are — wittingly or unwittingly — promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Millions will suffer without cash

In this digital age the thought of a cashless society should be frightening! Sweden seems to be hell bent on becoming cashless in 5 years time and refuses to face the dangers such a move could pose for the country. At least the UK seems to be more flexible... for the time being anyway!

Millions will 'suffer without cash'

'Utan kontanter går vi in i digital diktatur'

Pink Hearts In Blue Bodies: Children on the operating table; Heather Brunskell Evans

When I was 17 I wanted to convert to Roman Catholicism as I felt that the religion I was brought up in, Methodism, wasn't very inspiring.
I had spent most of my school years in a Roman Catholic environment and going to Mass felt very 'holy'.
I spoke to my parents about conversion and, although they never said 'don't do it', my Mom said that she would suggest that I waited until I left school and started my nursing career and then made a final decision.
So that's what I did and the result was that I never converted and, for a number of reasons, I'm happy about that.

Conversion isn't always the right way to go and especially if it is carried out during a highly emotional time when hormones are fighting a daily battle in the human body during the explosive years of puberty. Once certain physical aspects are tampered with there is usually no turning back.
Even if the law allows one to do certain things without parental permission it is usually better to heed one's parents advice because, for the most part, they tend to care about one's wellbeing whereas the law has no physical or emotional or genetic connection.

With that thought in mind I am posting a link to a thought provoking article by Heather Brunskell Evans

Pink Hearts In Blue Bodies: Children on the operating tables

South Africa's 'Toxic' Race Relations

In this article the need for proper education of all races is, once again,  emphasised! Hats off to all who are striving towards co-existence! ♡

South Africa's 'toxic' Race Relations

Sverige: Ulf Kristersson Talar Ut

Sverige: Ulf Kristersson och Allianson

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Discussing Global Geopolitics of Nationalism with Dr Steve Turley and Willem Petzer

Willem Petzer puts out podcasts from South Africa and gives his views on what is happening in my country of birth.
 In this podcast he discusses with Dr Steve Turley, different aspects of nationalism in the form of naziism, fascism and globalism and the seeming development of a new 'ism' which, hopefully, will knock out the other three and turn our chaotic and violent world into more like one which our Creator has in mind.

Video: Geopolitics of Nationalism

Friday, December 14, 2018

South Africa: A vote to save their identity in 1994; Coloured/Mixed Race population

In 1994 the coloured/mixed race population voted against the ANC in the Western Cape.
Why did they do that?

A vote to save their identity in 1994

The Great Lie About Coloured South Africans

15th Dec 2018

Today I came across an excellent video explaining the true history of the 'coloured' South African population.
In my youth, when growing up in South Africa, we referred to them as Cape Coloureds or Kapies..denoting their origin.
Even in Namibia where I lived for 2 years had such people and yes...they do have their own 'look'.

The coloured people had voting rights in South Africa before Apartheid kicked in. My dad told me that and one can find it in the wikipedia link if one scrolls down to the Pre-apartheid era

Namibia: Coloureds/Wikipedia

Video: The Great Lie About Coloured South Africans

Eastern Cape Sisters Burnt To Death After Being Accused Of Witchcraft; Deuteronomy 28

Witchcraft and the Occult rule the world today..sadly.
There is a way out of it though should you choose to find out how.

A good place to start is in God's Handbook called the Bible.
It is made up of 2 main parts that are known as the Old and New Covenants or Testaments.
In the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament we find a chapter that discusses the curses that will come to God's Chosen People called Israelites and, in the end, to all mankind if we do not follow His teachings or commandments.

The good news is that,  if we choose to follow His teachings, we will receive great blessings! This is true even today in our fallen world!

If you feel urged to read more about God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, then start in the book called Genesis and read through to the end of Revelation.
Once you have started along this path and feel, in your heart, that you want to know more, do your own research. If the Father is calling you, He will lead the way through His Son, Jesus Christ ♡

Eastern Cape Sisters Burnt To Death After Being Accused Of Witchcraft

Video: Deuteronomy 28

BibleHub Interlinear: Deuteronomy
(Hebrew reads from right to left)

Nadia Murad: Nobel laureate Murad urges Iraq to probe fate of abducted Yazidis

Nadia Murad: Nobel laureate Murad urges Iraq to probe fate of abducted Yazidis

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

USAC; Winners and losers in South Africa 2018

These past few days I have been very driven to speak out for my country of birth, South Africa.
Although it is the white population that is being targeted because of the past injustices of Apartheid, my empathy lies with the black people who are the ones who, in the end, will be the biggest losers!

Having been born and brought up in South Africa, I lived through the apartheid era. As I've pointed out before, my father worked for the Chamber of Mines after being demobbed from the army in 1943. He had English and possibly Scandinavian roots whereas my mother had English, Dutch and German roots. We spoke English at home and my bro and I attended English schools. For us the Afrikaans language was secondary. For Afrikaans speaking families the situation was reversed and English was their 2nd language.

I myself hated Colonialism because it left me feeling rootless!
South Africa as it was governed at the time of my growing up, did not inspire loyalty because, generally speaking, the English and Afrikaans speakers did not get along well. We lived in a type of apartheid ourselves both churchwise, education wise and language wise.
I was devastated when South Africa became a Republic and left the British  Commonwealth. It was a dark time indeed!

In our home we always had domestic and garden help and I got along well with the black people who filled these posts. We were not allowed to mix on a 'best friend' basis so I never got to know any black children which was sad because, had we done so, we would have learned at least one tribal language.
My dad, having grown up before the apartheid laws were in place, learned to speak both Zulu and Xhosa.

In 1958 or 59 I heard Elvis Presley on the radio singing 'Heartbreak Hotel' and I was hooked. It was around that time I started to take notice of African music and dancing and liked to watch it in real time from our garden which was just a stone's throw away from the Compound/Hostel where the contracted mine workers lived.
Their instruments were somewhat primitive but the sounds that came from them were mindblowing! Usually just a xylophone and drums were used with other finger picking instruments made from the calabash and bits of metal and stones or gravel in tins. Whatever made a great sound!

Xylophone and drums

Tribal Dancing

The music and dancing usually started on a Friday evening and continued until Sunday evening with short periods of silence between. Where the dancers got their energy from one really wondered!

To end this 'documentary' let me return to the beginning where I said that the black people will be the biggest losers if they continue along the path of annihilation and destruction. Why do I say this?
Well because there are many whites like me who, from the beginning, wanted better education for all kids in South Africa and would still like to see this happen! If the country is attacked by continuous riots and strikes and destruction of infrastructure, the economy cannot improve. If the farms are not well run then there will be food shortages and prices will go up. If the buses and trains and cars are burnt up there will be no transport with which to get to work.
Instead of attacking the whites I would suggest learning from them!
There are many whites who are willing to teach if one can let go of pride and arrogance and vengeance and use any opportunity that comes along to learn new things about running a country that is not rotted by corruption and greed.

Instead of protesting about land reform which, unless one has the knowledge of how to produce good fruit from that land, will not be beneficial in the long run, go out and claim from your governing bodies FREE Education for all!

'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
Show him how to catch fish and you feed him for a lifetime'

South Africa has the capacity to work together and produce good fruit as all who genuinely love their awesome country will want to strive towards peace and harmony and a better future for their children.
Since the death of Nelson Mandela the politicians who have come after him have done a very bad job and only by acknowledging this sad fact and working together, regardless of skin colour, will  changes come that will restore South Africa back to success in this dark world. There are other eyes on this country and their owners are happy when they see the chaos as they know their chances of taking it over are growing stronger!


Higher Education Today: Johnny Clegg/ Musician and Anthropologist

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Leah Sharibu: What Boko Haram will do to Leah Sharibu as a slave

It seems that Boko Haram intends to keep Leah Sharibu imprisoned as a slave.
Please keep praying for her release as we know that with God our Father and Jesus Christ His Son, nothing is impossible!

What Boko Haram will do to Leah Sharibu and Alice as slaves

Asia Bibi: Acquitted of blasphemy and living in fear in Pakistan

After reading the this latest  bbc article I'm still..and even more so..scratching my head and wondering why certain countries are still engaging with Pakistan in cricket test matches!

Asia Bibi cannot leave Pakistan due to pending review

 Acquitted of blasphemy and living in fear in Pakistan

Johnny Clegg; Exclusive Interview With Johnny Clegg; Musician; South Africa; Music Mix/Videos

11th Dec 2018
Today I read that one of my verry favourite singers and musicians, Johnny Clegg, is battling the curse of Cancer :(

His music takes me back to my youth in South Africa where I spent my youth growing up in mine communities, both gold and coal.

Sadly I never learned a tribal language as it wasn't compulsory to teach one at school in those days but I do recognise many words.

I was fortunate in that I watched tribal dancing in real time and listened to music played on primitive instruments that delivered the greatest sounds.

I pray that Johnny Clegg has victory over the Big C and carries on making music and uniting a still very fragmented country!
It seems that he, like me, regards education for all children as the key to success and so supports the idea of free education for al! May it happen very soon!

Exclusive Interview With Johnny Clegg

Video: Clegg Walking

Video: Clegg and Mandela

Video: Clegg and Son

Video: Clegg and Savuka 1985

Video: The Crossing (Mix)

Sunday, December 09, 2018

More UN Chicanery

More UN Chicanery: The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration -- which seeks to criminalize criticism of migration -- is nothing more or less than a dangerous effort to weaken national borders, to normalize mass migration, to blur the line between legal and

Democratic Countries Should Back out of the UN Global Compact

Democratic Countries Should Back out of the UN Global Compact: The EU has been paying particularly North African governments for years to keep migrants away from the European continent. The effort seems to have yielded few results in terms of stopping migration to Europe. The UN Global Compact stipulates that,

Stefan Löfven:Transportgate

Stefan Löfven:Transportgate

The Life and Times of Cyril Ramaphosa; South Africa

9th Dec 2018

Am posting a link to Wiki's life and times of Cyril Ramaphosa seeing as he was the one who established the powerful National Union of Mineworkers ( NUM)
My dad worked for the Chamber of Mines first as a blaster in the gold mines on the Reef and then, after a back injury sustained by a fall in a shaft,  he became an interpreter as he spoke Zulu and Xhosa fluently and some Sotho. Later he became a Compound Manager and we lived on mine properties in both the Transvaal and Natal. It was at that time that I fell in love with African ( mine) music and dancing.

I find it very strange that, himself being a man who worked his way to the top and is very wealthy in his own right, Cyril Ramaphosa is selling out his own people this way! He is in my prayers for a great change of heart before it is too late!
It seems as if he believes in God and is called a polyglot which means he is good with languages..a gift of the Holy Spirit perhaps?? ^^ May he use this great gift to promote Peace and Light in a world of violence and deep darkness! ♡
Luke 12: 47,48

The Life and Times of Cyril Ramaphosa


On further research it seems that Cyril Ramaphosa does have rather deep religious roots!

Soo..I want to suggest to anyone who believes in God and who is reading this blog to pray fervently that the man in question has a radical rethink and, instead of giving away someone else's land to people he knows in his heart will not use it in a way beneficial to the people he represents, offers to all the children and young people of those same people, regardless of tribal roots, free and good quality education so that, by learning the fundamentals in a fast changing world, they too have a chance of making a success of their lives in whatever direction they choose to take.

Government handouts do not stimulate growth of capital or self esteem and self respect. From his own background he should know this!

Ramaphosa: The myths, the man- and the makings of a president

Expropiation of land is not wealth creation

Socialism versus capitalism has been a hot topic since way back when and, I would say, both of them could work out assuming that mankind was inheritantly honest..which, as we know..we are not.

Having been born and growing up in South Africa during the apartheid days and then having lived in a, for the most part, socialistic country for the past 32 years and benefitting from the system until the dark side started to appear about 5 years ago, still doesn't convince me that one of the systems is all that much better than the other in the overall picture.
What I have deduced though is that capitalism is the more selfish approach which pushes a person to work harder in order to have the assets needed to have what we classify as an enjoyable life on earth whereas socialism, with its seeming capacity to improve life for all citizens, definitely tends to propogate corruption on a large scale!

The corruption and mismanagement of the state's wealth generated by taxation of its citizens are the holes in the bucket which drain away the assets that should be leading to a better life without the need to work and study harder which then, in turn, should lead to more time for a leisurely and carefree life. As the person in the video I am posting points out, these holes need to be plugged!

What South Africa needs to do is work out a balance between the two 'evils' in order to regain the wealth it did and still can have if the 'Rainbow Nation' puts aside all the old garbage of racial hatred and vengeance, made peace as I know many wish to do,  and worked together for a brighter future in a dark and violent world.

Video: Expropiation of land is not wealth creation

Friday, December 07, 2018

South Africa Speaks; Suidlanders at the European Parliament; Simon Roche

Post Apartheid South Africa is bleeding. Corruption at all levels of government has taken and is taking its toll. A civil war between the minority white population and the majority black population seems to be looming large on the horizon.
Simon Roche speaks to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Suidlanders at the European Parliament

Why National Populism Is Here To Stay; Matthew Goodwin

While left wing  political parties are shouting and screaming out against 'so called' racism in the world today there seems to be another view..
Read what Matthew Goodwin has to say about the matter.

Why National Populism Is Here To Stay

Växande Kritik Till Svenskt Ja Till Migration Avtal; Criticizing Migrstion could become a 'hate crime' in the new Magration Compact

Växande Kritik Mot Svenskt Ja till Migrationavtal

UN Global Pact Could Criminalize Criticism Of Migration In Europe

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Rene Level Martinez: Former Gang Leader and MMA Fighter Preaches Salvation after Encounter with Jesus

Just read this awesome testimony from a former gang leader in Florida, USA and decided to share it.

I have been corresponding with a prisoner doing life without parole in Colorado for soon 20 years and he too seems to have drawn closer to God in the past 5 or so years. We have never met and correspond by snail mail so alot of paper and stamps have passed between us since we started the journey in 1999.
He has called me a few times but it's expensive so I put him off doing that.

God works in mysterious ways and calls those He wishes to call and protects them as they do their work for Him which is reaping souls for the Kingdom.
This has become more difficult in a world dominated by atheism, witchcraft and Political Correctness but those who believe in faith in a Creator who cares for His creation, walk the walk and shine His Light into a dark world.

God the Father is a consuming Fire and we who are created in His Image are Sparks from that Fire. Soon those faithful Sparks will be regathered to Him as mankind moves nearer to self destruction. We need to pray for the world to return to its roots via the Bridge who is the Son of God named Jesus Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life... John 14:6

Former Gang Leader and MMA Fighter Preaches Salvation after Encounter with Jesus

Nicky Cruz once walked a similar path..

Nicky Cruz: Salvation in the jungles of New York

Sweden: Ung man från Stockholm gripen misstänkt för terrorism

Ung man från Stockholm gripen misstänkt för terrorism

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Stockholm: Demonstrationen på Mynttorget 2 Dec 2018 mot FNs Global Compact

Stockholm, Sweden demonstrates against the UN's Global Compact on 2nd Dec 2018

Video: Demonstrationen på Mynttorget 2 Dec mot FNs Global Compact

Monday, December 03, 2018

The Islamic War On Israel- The History and The Conflict

A very insightful video..

The Islamic War On Israel-The History and The Conflict

Seventy (70) Nations

3rd Dec 2018
For the past 30 years I have been studying the role of Israel in world affairs.
It has been a long and interesting adventure and, although God had revealed many interesting things regarding His hand in the Creation of the universe and mankind and His eventual plan for those who believe in and trust Him, it is only in the past three years that the overall picture has taken on a greater depth and width and height as this same Creation stumbles about in the darkness and stands on the threshold of  'great tribulation' as the Creator brings mankind to its knees for the total disrespect and dishonour we have shown Him as we, as in the days of Nimrod, try to prove to ourselves that it is we who have the power and the glory and that He does not exist.

Seventy Nations

The Table of Nations

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Science has provided solid evidence of God; Debunking Evolution

I was out stargazing with my binoculars a few weeks ago and trying to spot any falling stars out there in space. The sky was dark and clear and I was totally mind blown to see so many twinkling bodies, some smaller and some larger, and, although it was difficult to spot actual falling stars I did see a sort of spider webbish effect that I'd never seen before. Definitely time to invest in a telescope!

I myself believe that the universe was/is created by a super intelligent being known as God Almighty/Elohim ( Genesis 1:1 ) and that mankind was created in His image in order to populate and take care of planet Earth. Obviously mankind has failed miserably and is on the verge of wiping itself out.

The other side of the coin is the teaching of Evolution in schools around the world but, from many discoveries being made, this lie is on the verge of extinction as well I'm so happy to say!

Video: Science has provided solid evidence of God