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Monday, December 28, 2015

Was Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, the first pope of Rome?

It seems that the Roman Catholic church is on the forefront in the world scene as we approach the last days of a very troubled and violent 2015!
It also seems that the present pope Francis has signed some form of 'reconciliation' agreement with Jewish rabbis in Jerusalem as the Palestinian refugees are waging a sort of 'intifada' against the Israelis and this uprising is being loudly encouraged by President Abbas for his own devious reasons.

It has long been known that the Vatican wants to rule in Jerusalem seeing as the apostle Peter..himself a born supposed to have turned from being a simple Jewish fisherman who followed the teachings of Jewish born Jesus Christ and eventually became convicted that he, Jesus, was the long expected Messiah that the Old Testament prophets spoke of, into the first Roman Catholic pope with his headquarters in Rome.
I have never been able to swallow this myth and will go to my grave never doing so!

Slowly but surely the world is being pushed towards a one world religion and pope Francis seems to be the chief mover in this 'marrying of a vision' which..unless it is decreed by God in Jesus doomed to fail!
Prophecy seems to tell us that this man forced occurrence is doomed already!

Was Saint Peter the first pope?

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