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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

7 states already allow abortion up to birth- Not just New York

7 states already allow abortion up to birth- Not just New York

Finland's Grooming Gangs

Finland's Grooming Gangs: Much of the coverage of the same problem in Great Britain said that Jay had accused the Rotherham council and police of failing to tackle sexual exploitation because of misplaced 'political correctness.' Yet Jay says those are not the words she would use

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Asia Bibi: Blasphemy Acquittal Upheld By Pakistan Court

29th January 2019

At last some positive news in a very dark world!

 Asia Bibi, after 10 years of languishing in prison in Pakistan under the death sentence, has been granted justice!

Almighty God has brought about the miracle after hearing many prayers prayed for her freedom worldwide and it seems that she is now a free woman and can continue living out the rest of her life in the country that gives her and her family asylum.

Hallelu-Yah..we have an Awesome God ♡

Asia Bibi: Blasphemy Acquittal Upheld By Pakistan Court

Sunday, January 27, 2019

God's 7000 Year Plan

A good video but I've yet to be convinced of a 'pre-trib rapture'. Some may be chosen to be hidden and protected but most, in my opinion, will face persecution even unto death.

God's 7000 Year Plan

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Prevailing Apostasy; Charles Lawson; Pornography

Pornography my opinion..the greatest curse that has come to unbelieving mankind! As the Pastor says in this video..'pornography destroys the Soul'!
My hope is that the video reaches many eyes and ears and causes those who watch this polluted stuff to have a major change of heart before it's too late! ♡

Video: The Prevailing Apostasy

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Today Is A Day Of Mourning In New York State; New Abortion Law

It seems that mankind is diving deeper into the evil world of Liberalism!
Mankind in general also rejects the Creator of the Universe who gives us a list of Blessings and Curses if we do and do not keep His Commandments!

10 Commandments

Deuteronomy 28/Blessings and Curses

Today Is A Day Of Mourning In New York State; New Abortion Law 2019

Swedish Museum Accelerates Their Cultural Collapse By Turning Viking Artifacts Into Scrap Metal

If what is written in this article is true then Sweden really has taken recycling to it's lowest level!

Swedish Museum Accelerates Their Cultural Collapse By Turning Viking Artifacts Into Scrap Metal

SA Man Detained In Mozambique As Suspected Terrorist Dies In Custody

SA Man Detained In Mozambique As Suspected Terrorist Dies In Custody

Your blindness is blocking your blessing

Some very wise words indeed!

Your blindness is blocking your blessing

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

Lactatia the Drag Queen Kid; Child Exploitation

As a Believer and follower of God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ and  Grandmother whose Grandkids very probably will be subjected to this child's 'advice', I find the information in this video very disturbing indeed! :/
The mother appears to be living out her fantasies through the child and this is child exploitation.
Until the perverted world radically changes direction, all we can expect from a Creator who Judges our actions in relation to His clear directions, is continued curses in the form of war, famine, disease and environmental catastrophes like earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.
Deuteronomy 28

Lactatia The Drag Queen Kid

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Wild Branches

I found this very eye-opening teaching regarding God's amazing  plan for mankind.

There is the ongoing vitriolic hatred for Israel throughout the world with no let up but, let the truth be told, it will not bear fruit!

At the end of the day, Israel remains God's chosen ones because of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He never lies!

The Wild Branches

Macron's Tepid Treaty Shows Partnership With Merkel Has Stalled

Macron's Tepid Treaty Shows Partnership With Merkel Has Stalled

Thursday, January 17, 2019

James Bulger: A Mother's Story

17th Jan 2019

Today I found this video about a case I've kind of followed up over the years!
I still wonder what evil spirit drove those 2 young boys to inflict such horror on an innocent toddler who appears to have trusted them!

James Bulger:A Mother's Story

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Denmark: "In One Generation, Our Country Has Changed"

Denmark: "In One Generation, Our Country Has Changed": The decision to send the criminal inhabitants of the asylum center to the uninhabited island of Lindholm caused great relief in Bording -- an element the international press appears to have missed. Clearly, the right of law-abiding citizens to live in

The Peaceful Takeover of Europe

The Peaceful Takeover of Europe: The concept of the clash of civilizations assumes that there is a conflict between religions. This view often appears to be true where Islam is concerned; the religious aspect of Islamism appears to be a powerful motivator. That desire illustrates how

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sweden; Martin Luther v the Jews; Judensau; Lutheran Protestants

13th Jan 2019

Just lately, on YouTube,  I discovered a Swedish Messianic Pentecostal Pastor who lives in Jerusalem and preaches and teaches the form of Apostolic Faith I follow.

I used to attend the Pentecostal church sometimes but I'm a Sabbath Keeper at heart and Sunday church isn't really for me because of the fact that Sunday, according to most calendars, is the 1st day of the week.
The 10 Commandments tell us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy..
I follow the Jewish tradition.

This Swedish Pastor is, I believe, a rather controversial figure, and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He has just guested a 3 day Prayer Seminar in Uppsala and is urging Swedes to throw out secularism and to return to worshipping God.

He is featured in a video that shows a sculpture of something called the 'Judesuggan' in Swedish and this very ugly and demeaning 'work of art' is apparently one of the main reasons that anti-Semitism was and is still so rife in Europe.
The sculpture is to be found on a Pillar in the 'Domkyrkan'/Cathedral in Uppsala and he wants it gone as he believes that it is one of the reasons Sweden is experiencing such chaos and a crime-wave beyond belief at the present time and is living under a curse because of the last government's attitude towards Israel.
The Lutheran church is Sweden's state church.

 Martin Luther who, at first, took pity on the Jews but later, because he could not convert them, developed an intense hatred towards them. He seems to have had one of these 'uglies' on his church in Wittenburg.

In the Bible we read that Israel was, is and always will be God's chosen people even if He chastises them as He so often has done because they refuse to obey and honour Him.
I would think it safer to bless Israel because of this proclamation and pray that many 'blinded' Jews accept Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah and call on Him so that He will return.
Matthew 23: 23-39

All Israel Will Be Saved

Video: Judesuggan; Uppsala Cathedral; Domkyrkan Uppsala

Anti-Semitic sculpture on Luther's church creates controversy

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Alternative for Germany/AfD chairman left with severe head injuries after violent attack; Frank Magnitz

Alternative for Germany/AfD chairman left with severe head injuries after violent attack

Deuteronomy: Chapter 28- Blessings or Curses; Moral Decline in Britain and America

I started my trip through the Word of God/The Bible in 1987 after a series of catastrophic events in my everyday, mundane life!

Even though I'd been raised in Protestant Methodism and had attended Roman Catholic schools for most of my education and had learned about God and Jesus and said prayers and such, I'd  never actually read with my own eyes the written source of the information received.

After making it through these trials and tribulations, I understood that I'd not done so by my own strength and power. I started to feel the need to know more about 'God and His Son, Jesus Christ' and especially Jesus as, even though I'd watched movies about His time on earth and knew about His death and resurrection, I didn't really know where and how He fitted into the bigger picture.

As I've come to learn all these years later, God our Father draws us into seeking answers and, until He starts the process, we cannot start the journey into knowing who Jesus, the Son, is and why He was sent. That He came to earth in human form to tell us about our Father's amazing plan for all of mankind if we who receive the message, believe it in faith and follow directions given in His Word which is the Bible.

John 6: 44

The Bible is made up of 2 Covenants...
The Old Covenant/Testament known as the Tanakh
The New Covenant/ Testament known as the B'rit Hadashah

Although in the modern world the Tanakh has been put on the back burner and 'christians' tend to read only the B'rit Hadashah, we need to keep in mind that Jesus, when He said 'it is written' was referring to the Tanakh as the New Covenant was only written after His death and resurrection.

With that said, I decided to say something about the happenings going on in the world today and how we have been warned in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 about 'Blessings and Curses' that will be given and meted out to those who choose to obey they are known..Ten Commandments which are the guidelines for all of mankind and to those who have decided to ignore them and follow their own road of 'Lawlessness' which has led and is leading us down the slippery slope into the mayhem we are experiencing today.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and never changes and neither does His Word.
We can choose Life into Eternity or we can choose Death and Destruction. After having read all of God's Word and re-reading it on a daily basis, I have chosen Life with the hope of living with the Creator as part of His Family in the World To Come. ♡

Things The Law Does: 119 Ministries

Moral Decline in Britain and America

Monday, January 07, 2019

New Age Religion Explained

A good video to explain what New Age Religion is all about.
Mixing it all up is not a good way to go! ♡

Video: New Age Religion Explained

Sweden: Pissed Off Father...let the truth be told!

I just came across this really mind-opening video and think this dad is a hero for daring to say it like it is! A true might say! I hope many follow the link..

A 'Pissed Off Father' speaks out ♡

Islamic Scholar on Jihad reveals frightening truth about Islamic ideology

The tendency of many 'luke warm believers' is to want to accept that YHWH/God and Allah are one and the same.

I find this very strange as YHWH is said to have a Son and is the God of Love and Mercy even though He sends curses such as war, famine, disease and natural disasters upon mankind when they refuse to follow His 10 Teachings for a harmonious life on planet Earth. ( Deutoronomy 28 )

This video I'm linking to reveals more about the ideology of the alternate deity..

Islamic scholar on Jihad reveals frightening truth about Islamic Ideology

Skandinaviska kvinnor misstänkt halshuggna av islamister

Skandinaviska kvinnor misstänkt halshuggna av islamister

Saturday, January 05, 2019

The Powerful Privilege Of Prayer

In this extremely politically correct world it is often hard to see people struggling with various problems and health issues and not be allowed to suggest that, when all else fails, we who are in harmony with our Creator and Father through His Son, use our free gift of Prayer to communicate with Him and ask for help.
We can, of course, pray ourselves for those facing trials, but it would be wonderful to be able to share this information without fear of blowback because it gives 24/7 instant communication with our eternal and powerful God for whom nothing is impossible and there is no charge even if we, in the beginning, have very little faith in that power.
With that in mind I'm placing a link for anyone who may want to know more...

The Powerful Privilege of Prayer

Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape The Universe; Sir Martin Rees

Perhaps we are on the verge of putting the fantasy of Evolution to bed in 2019!

Just Six Numbers:The Deep Forces That ShapeThe Universe

Has Science Discovered The Creator?

Friday, January 04, 2019

Mother begs Christians to keep praying for abducted daughter, Leah Sharibu

Mother begs Christians to keep praying for abducted daughter, Leah Sharibu

Lars Enarson/Saving Sweden; Sweden 7:14; Prayer Movement

4th Jan 2019

A while back I was lead to a Swedish Pastor who, like me, keeps the 7th day Sabbath and God's other appointed times as presented to Moses.
This came as a surprise to me as, although there were people in Sweden who, other than the SDA church, kept the 7th Day Sabbath, that movement broke up and went in different directions in the early 1990s.

I picked up on Lars Enarson after the Swedish elections in September 2018..which, to this present date, hasn't yet produced a new government.. and he suggested that people should pray for a coalition of the Moderate, KD and Swedish Democrat parties to turn the very secular and atheistic country back to its 'Christian' roots and to turn it away from Globalism  and back to pride in its own Scandinavian roots.

To attain these lofty goals will certainly need the Hand of God working through the Holy Spirit and so many heartfelt prayers are needed! Sweden is a country in turmoil but we know that when we humble ourselves before our Creator, He does hear and answers our requests.

Sverige 7:14

Lars Enarson:Update Sweden 2018

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Apostate Prophet: The Jews

Apostate Prophet is a former muslim who speaks out against his former religion.
In the video I'm linking to he explains his 'relationship' with Jews.

Video: Apostate Prophet: The Jews

Doctors speak out: Lupron and the 'diabolical' push to sterilize, gender-transition confused kids

Doctors speak out: Lupron and the 'diabolical' push to sterilize, gender-transition confused kids

Matteo Salvini headlines 'Wind of Change' conference in Verona, Italy; Dr Steve Turley

Conservatism is on the march and I, for one, am happy to say that the family unit is being promoted!
Was just reading about the mindboggling amount of abortions that have been carried out in 2018!
What is so upsetting to me is that the abortion procedure has been described to a very young person as being as simple as a visit to the dentist.
Many years ago I was informed that, what could have been my first grandchild, was aborted and I remember the pain that shot through my heart and caused me to go into a long depression.

Video: Matteo Salvini headlines 'Wind of Change' conference in Verona 

Wind of Change

Almost 42 million abortions performed in 2018

Cold War 2.0-US v China and GERMANY; Four Prophecies For Germany

The Prophecies tell us that Germany will rise under a strong leader..

Video: Four Prophecies For Germany

Video: Cold War 2.0-US v China and GERMANY