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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Monday, August 08, 2016

Major scientific evidence against evolution

Video: Major scientific evidence against evolution; David Wood

If you wish to learn about or learn more about Islam the videos at this below..tell it like it is.
I believe that, as in Christianity, there are more nominal believers than true believers.
One can only become a true believer after having read the books.
After 42 years of being a nominal Christian I eventually read the Bible..both old and renewed Covenants..and started on a long journey which I am still travelling 30 years later.
3 years ago I decided to learn more about the religion which has its roots in Ishmael and now am happy to report that I now know that the God of Isaac..Yah is His holy name.. cannot be the same god of Ishmael.
Yah has a Son named Y'shua and together they planned and spoke  the universe into existence.
Their ultimate aim is to share all that they have with those who have learned about and obey their teachings and believe what has been experienced and written about their shared agenda.

Defeating Jihad; Sebastian Gorka; Totalitarianism; Political Correctness

Video: Defeating Jihad; Sebastian Gorka