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Friday, December 25, 2009

Bob Dylan, 'Christmas in the Heart', What does 'Judeo-Christian' mean?

'Christmas in the Heart':
I received this AWESOME album from my 'old man' even tho' he's anything but a Dylan fan. ( Of course I requested it because I am a Dylan 'fan-atic! )

The tracks on the album are a mix of carols and fun songs..all well-known and loved..and sung in Bob's best and raspiest voice. The background music and vocals are also great.

I don't celebrate the consumerism and greed that tend to dominate this traditional time of year but I grew up with the carols and the songs and it's 'in the blood' so to speak.

I have followed the life and times of Bob Dylan since 1965 and I'm really overjoyed that there is a chance of us meeting in the next phase because it seems that he follows Judeo-Christianity as I do.

So a BIG 'thank you' to Bob Dylan/Zimmerman for making this album, making Christmas 2009 my finest yet and for donating the proceeds of the album to a good cause.

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    Hi Vladd77,

    On behalf of Bob Dylan, many thanks for plugging “Christmas In The Heart”, the charity album benefiting Feeding America, Crisis and the World Food Programme … .. and, if your readers want good quality, non-pirated, previews, then “Must Be Santa” is available for fans and bloggers to post / host / share etc from and a special widget is also available from .. for further details of the album, on-line promotions, videos and 2009 / 2010 shows, check-out and .. and keep an eye on these official sources for details of further news and preview material.

    Please do visit the official web-sites of Feeding America, Crisis and the World Food Programme for information on their charitable work and on how to make donations : help to make this Christmas special for those in need.

    Thanks again for your plug.



  2. Only a GREAT pleasure and comes 'from my heart' 8)

    Because of this album I'll never feel lonely during the yuletide season because all I have to do is put on the head-phones, dim the lights, close my eyes and dream my way to Bethlehem at that time or just polka, waltz or 2step with other happy revellers at 'Bob's party'. Maybe he'll ask me to dance..hohoho!

    Long may he run!