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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Religion; Understanding the Creator/ our God; Jerusalem; Jesus Christ;Yeshua

13th Aug 2014

The world at the moment is undergoing very radical changes and the general peace we have known since the end of WW2 seems to have disappeared into thin air!

Thousands of people who call themselves Christians are being exterminated like rats and are being chased out of areas where they have lived in relative peace with their neighbours for hundreds of years.

Religion is said to be to blame for the chaos that now reigns in the Middle East which is the cradle of Judaism and Christianity and the much later introduced Islam.

Jerusalem is the city that is the thorn in the side of these three contesting religious forms.

God is the centre point around whom the conflict is being thrashed out and each version of 'God'...the ultimate Creator of the said to be the correct or only true form to be followed!
In all three 'versions' there are moderate forms and extreme forms and three versions of the laws that 'God' is said to have 'inspired'.
The Torah, the Bible and the Koran are the names of the books and the Torah seems to be the purest of translations from very ancient scripts. The Bible is close to the Torah in the Old Testament/Covenant and moves in its own direction in the New Testament/Covenant while often referring back to the Old Testament.
The Koran seems to be a rewrite of the Old Covenant according to what the followers of the Islamic faith believe.

Although none of what has been written down has actually been proved and will not be proved until after death, thousands of people have been murdered and are being murdered for believing or not believing as they do!

Behind the facade and disguise of extreme man made religions, despotic political power over oppressed mankind is being enforced! The perpetrators of this enforcement see themselves as immortal gods who wish to rule the world with an iron fist and to enslave uneducated and ignorant populations around the world in order to live an affluent lifestyle.
While these fast increasing populations remain poor and down trodden, human life becomes very cheap and easy to cull and replace. Children are the main victims in this degraded, immoral and unethical world that has gradually taken over in the my way of thinking and remembering..20 or less years.

Innocent children..the apple of the God's eye.. are being taught to kill and maim in wars. They are being forced to satisfy the perverted selfishness of users in the sex trade whether by being forced into prostitution or by being sold off into polygamous marriages before they reach puberty and to be used as household slaves by the rich and affluent!

I could go on but need to get to the point I wish to make!

The key to all this murder and destruction is how we..those who believe in a Creator of the universe and all that in it is.. view our Creator!

We may call Him by any name we like but if we do not understand His ultimate reason for creating the universe and all that in it is..which includes miserable, mortal human beings who seem to be focused on the total destruction of His awesome and ever changing, spectaculor Masterpiece which has design and form and depth and is, for the most part unfathomable..then, whatever we believe or don't is worthless!

 He..the creator of this work..which He called 'good' and that includes miserable, mortal mankind ^^..will in NEVER..allow His own handiwork to be utterly destroyed by the hand of miserable, mortal mankind..but will allow chaos and all the other horrors we are now experiencing because of our greed and arrogance, to continue until, eventually, we are forced to bow in humility and confess our disrespect and disdain of His power and glory!

We..the entire race of miserable, mortal human beings who were, are and are still to come until His time comes.. are an intricate part of His creation and is written..made in His image! This makes us His own..He owns us and He is no respector of persons! We are all the same in His eyes no matter who we are or how great we think we are! Nothing has been proved or will be proved until after death...but it is written that those who bring chaos and destruction to His creation and His created, will be judged and punished according to their deeds!

Religion is man made for man's own devious ends but the Creator is the ultimate ruler of all and has set out His rules for living (written in stone and delivered to Moses) and if we have sniffed and scoffed at them and totally rejected them..which we may do seeing as we have free will to accept or reject..we will inevitably join the ranks of the outcasts at the end of this earthly phase!

The writing is on the not be deceived!

Keep the faith, pray for the enemy and look to the Light!

Five Truths to keep in mind during persecution

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