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Friday, October 10, 2014

LCHF: Managing Diabetes with the Diet Doctor

I have been overweight for years and, although I was unhappy about the fact that I'd gone up 10 kg in 6 years, I never really put much effort into reversing the status quo!

This year my husband, who had been diagnosed with diabetes 2 in 2012 after a mitral valve repair to the heart, was prescribed Metmorfin to drop his blood sugar as the diet he was half heartedly following was not working.
I decided to take matters in hand and, after years of leaving the cooking to him, took over the kitchen and started to follow..more or less..the LCHF diet that my son in law was so enthralled about. He is gluten intolerant and had researched different diets and felt that cutting out all grains was the answer to healthier living.

We don't follow the stricter form of the diet but, aside from eating toast in the morning, we have cut out rice, pasta, bread and, of course, sugar!
It has been difficult but, since I started eating lentils, chick peas, beans and sweet potato, loads of veg both raw and cooked, nuts and fibre and fruit in small quantities I have lost 8 kg since April 2014. Sugar in all forms is prohibited but it's difficult to avoid altogether as it is found in almost eveything one buys.

Butter, cream, yogurt ( all high fat ) has become part of our daily intake and we try to keep carbs at around 45 to 60g per meal.

My husband is now off the Metmorfin tablets he used to drop his blood sugar and hopefully he will avoid the awful side effects of the disease such as blindness and limb amputation. Although his mitral valve was repaired, his heart was otherwise in good condition.
Following this diet is more difficult for him as he tends to lose weight easily and so too much exercise and low carbs is a difficult balancing act. He has now, after much protestation, invested in a blood sugar meter and so we'll get a better picture of how to manage his carb intake so that he feels more comfortable with himself

Am posting a link to what I think is a very sensible way of living so please check it out and modify accordingly!

LCHF and fighting diabetes 2

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