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Monday, October 06, 2014

Isaiah 53: Is it about Jesus/Messiah?

My parents were nominal Christians.
They followed Methodism which is a movement that was founded by John Wesley in the 18th century


I spent most of my school years at Roman Catholic convents and attended mass and was seriously thinking of converting to catholicism during my last year at boarding school.

I'd had some sort of 'revelation' during one of those masses in the cathedral and the memory of it left me feeling that maybe I was being called to some higher purpose.

My Mother was sceptical and, although she never actually told me not to convert, she suggested I wait a year to see how I'd feel out in the real world while I pursued a career in nursing.

During that time I did go to the local Methodist church fairly regularly to see if I could find out exactly why I was here but the answers never came.

Years passed and my spiritual life suffered due to bad choices and failures. I was brought to some very low points before, eventually, being gradually lead to a certain realisation that
no matter how low I'd sunk, I'd never really been alone through all the struggles.

This realisation led me to back to church..Anglican, Baptist and even Roman Catholicism again, but I could not really relate to any of them for different reasons.

Eventually I emigrated and learned a foreign language and tried to shake the often very strong feeling that 'the salt' was missing.

I prayed that God..who I had/have never had trouble in believing in as Creator of the universe and mankind, would open my eyes and show me the way.

This happened in 1987 when a magazine turned up in my mailbox written in my mother tongue which is English!

After the arrival of the first magazine I applied for more to be sent seeing as they were free.
Even though the content was of a religious nature I read them from cover to cover mostly for the English but also for the topics covered.

All topics were referred back to biblical content which I tended to ignore until, eventually, one of them lead me to the book of Isaiah.

The chapter of interest was Isaiah 53 where, the article pointed out for whatever reason, the prophet was speaking about the coming of the Messiah and His suffering and death for the salvation of mankind.

I was hooked and started on a long journey through the Bible and learned about the history of Israel.

I studied church history and how the Jewish christian church suffered and how christianity was Romanised and the temple in Jerusalem destroyed after the death of Jesus.

As a result I was baptised into the church responsible for the magazines and began to accept Saturday as the true day of rest known as the Sabbath.

I learned that easter and christmas originated from pagan times and that the emperor Constantine the Great converted to the Roman version of christianity for, probably, political reasons and incorporated the dates into the new state religion.

The fact that the early church was Jewish and started with 12 Jewish apostles was gradually blotted out and Peter 'became' Roman and is accepted by millions throughout the world to have been the founder of the Roman church.

Since my baptism I am not an avid church goer because I have come to the conclusion that religion is man made for devious reasons. Mostly I just read up stuff on the internet and come to my own conclusions after doing my own research.

Yesterday ( 6th Oct 2014) I was once again brought back to the same prophet Isaiah who kindled my interest almost 30 years ago and set me on the path of no return!

The Jewish people celebrated Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement without a temple to go to!
Their temple was razed to the ground in 70 A.D.

The author of the article sent to my internet mailbox pointed out that Isaiah 53 tells us of the righteous servant who would be sent by God to suffer and be sacrificed to death for our atonement.

He also wrote that the Hebrew prophet Daniel told us in the book of Daniel 9: 24-26 that the Anointed One would be cut off and after that the city and the sanctuary would be destroyed.

In other words Jesus/Messiah died and then the temple was destroyed
After three days He was resurrected and is the bridge between God and mankind.

Because of these two facts all those who believe in faith will be saved and no more sacrifices are necessary.

In a world wracked by violence and hatred these two prophets bring messages of hope for the suffering and the deluded.
Their messages were written long before Jesus was born and died but the messages remain true today and into tomorrow.

Read them with open minds and hearts!

Isaiah 53: Is it about Jesus/Messaiah

Daniel9: 24-26

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