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Friday, May 16, 2014

Apostasy: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim gives birth in shackles in Sudan after converting from Islam to Christianity and marrying a Christian man

At the end of the day all religions are man made with man made rules and regulations to suit the power hungry politicians who hide behind the veil of these religions as holy men to control the poor, the uneducated and the down trodden masses in, for the most part, developing countries ruled by despots and dictators.

These same man made religions continue to preach that women are worthless 'no class' beings who lead men into sin and debauchery and who should be treated with disgust, degraded and kept in chains and at the complete mercy of all men who, at the end of the day, would not have been born if it were not for the miracle of motherhood.

I myself am a woman and believe in a Creator who, at the end of the creation period, is said to have declared that all that was created was 'good' and that all mankind ( Adam and Eve aka man and woman) were created in the image of the Creator. By these words I understand that all men and women are equal and that, by despising women, followers of the man made religions with their man made laws are, in fact, committing blasphemy because they are teaching that what the Creator has said was, in fact, a lie! That it is in order and acceptable to down grade women and ill treat them even though they are, in the words of the Creator, made in His image.

The Creator is no respector of persons and those who continue their war against women, made in His image, can only expect the worst of punishments which would be to be banned from that which we, as believers, hope to experience into eternity.

From the example set we cannot accept that Yaweh and Allah are one and the same!

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