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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Kurds: Who are the Kurds; USA's Realpolitik; Revenge of the Kurds: Kurdistan's Future In Bible Prophecy

Sadly I've never read up on the history of the Kurds but have read about the PKK and also Saddam Hussein's dreadful attack on them with chemical weapons.

Now, with the chaos going on in Iraq, I have done my homework and have come to the understanding that the Kurds could have their origins in the Medes who, it is written in the Bible, will play a major role in the end times of civilisation as it is set up today!

As we know, God is no respecter of persons and uses them to fulfil His long term plan for mankind and so, who knows what the future holds except He who created it?

It seems the USA has also been 'using' the Kurds for many years and then rejecting them when they are no longer needed! Even today they are fighting on the ground but the USA refuses to arm them because they are not seen as a 'necessity' in the struggle that is ongoing in Iraq and Syria with Turkey refusing to become involved.
The Kurds are the 'boots on the ground' fighting against the world's greatest threat to freedom as we in the west know it, and still they are not receiving the help they need!
If the prophecy is meant for the future then the good news is that the Kurds will get through this seemingly impossible battle for freedom even though many lives may be lost in the struggle!

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