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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Asia Bibi: Free Asia Now/Petition; Revoke blasphemy law

I was rather amazed to see a map of how many 'civilised' countries still use the, so called, Blasphemy Law!
I do agree that deliberately crude and insulting pictures and remarks about the gods we say  we worship can be upsetting and cause one to feel angry and affronted ( and Jesus has certainly survived His fair share of those over the years ) but throwing people into prison and giving them the death penalty for this supposed overtramp is going too far as I would think that my God, anyway, is big enough and powerful enough to send His own form of retribution when and should He wish to do so!
I really do hope the United Nations takes the necessary steps to abolish the law worldwide as it can be and is manipulated to suit those who do not want their form of belief to be challenged!
Nothing has been proved as yet as to whether there is a god or not and so this law is, essentially, victimizing people on what may be a total lie as millions of people believe it is!

Free Asia Bibi now!

'I forgive my persecutors'

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