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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

India outcry after 8-month-old baby raped

One can wonder what goes on in the mind of a this case a man..when attacking and sexually inflicting with brute strength 'themself' on a helpless little baby for the sake of satisfying a perverted lust!
I suppose in a 'liberated' world where the science of evolution with uncontrolled drives due to the human race being only a tad higher than the the theory teaches..the perpetrator is excused from being responsible for his disgustingly selfish and self satisfying actions!
Being a believer in morals and ethics myself and in a moral, ethical and merciful God who promises justice on the Day of Judgement when resurrected mankind will stand before Him to receive their rewards and punishments, I know this little child will be vindicated in spite of what modern society will have us believe! May that day roll around very soon!

India Outcry After 8-month-old Baby Raped

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