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Monday, May 28, 2018

British Paedophile Scandals 2018; Child Exploitation Campaign

28th May 2018
For a number of years I have been reading about the Rotherham paedophile scandal and, because of my total and absolute abhorrence of child molestation and murder, have decided to revisit the crime to speak.

One of the reasons I'm posting is because of the sudden arrest of a controversial Brit named Tommy Robinson who appears to have been reporting on the ongoing court case in England and also the rereading of a crime story by David Baldacci called 'The Forgotten' which deals with slavery in the 21st century and how the gang bosses threaten to wipe out the victims' whole family should they give out any information about the movement of 'product' as the author refers to the victims.
This is a very ugly description of what is going on in our money and power hungry world today!

It seems as if Britain, where I have my roots although I was born and raised in South Africa, tolerates the exploitation of young children under the age of 15 and this radically tarnishes the pride I had in those roots!
It took a mighty long time to eventually reveal the crimes of Jimmy Saville!!

I myself believe in God Almighty who created human beings in His own Image and soon He will be bringing His Divine wrath down on the heads of those who in any way, shape or form are complicit in destroying the innocence of young children! Money and earthly power will not be able to buy off the great and terrible punishments He has in mind and has promised!
Matthew 18:1-9

I don't know how long the links I am posting will remain on my blog as it seems the case is causing mainstream media to remove articles pertaining to it and/or any other cases in the past or present.

Sammy Woodhouse on the Rotherham Abuse/Paedophile Scandals

Rotherham Sex Ring Survivor Backs WMP Child Exploitation Campaign

Video: Interview

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