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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The Jesus Movie 1979; Brian Deacon

 Today..4th July 2018..I noticed that quite many people had found the link I posted in 2014 to the 'Jesus' movie which follows the Gospel of Luke and was made in 1979.

Over the years I have looked at a number of Yeshua/Jesus movies and in this my opinion..the transformation that takes place in the hearts of those who are influenced by the Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha Kodesh and who realise who Jesus truly is and what message He is bringing to mankind from His very realistically shown in their faces!

I hope many unbelievers and scoffers find this link and it leads them to want to find out more about our Saviour and His message of Love for mankind from His Father, who we call 'God/YHWH/ Yah, to us and the awesome promise of a renewed and restored earth in the future for those who follow His teachings and practice them.

In a world of violence, hatred, corruption and absolute amorality we need to take His message very seriously because He came and will return at a time when the planet is facing total destruction. This dreadful time is already in motion!

The film is very well played but we need to keep in mind that the man playing Jesus/Yeshua is only an actor and nothing more!

The 'Jesus' Movie 1979

Actor Brian Deacon on being 'The Face Of Jesus'

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