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Friday, November 07, 2008

John Denver In Memoriam; Nuclear War; God Remains In Control; The Soul Remains Free.

John Denver's music has always inspired me and takes me out of myself into God's vast and magnificent creation.

In 'Eagles & Horses and 'Calypso' we experience both the power and might of our Creator as well as the height and depth of His great majesty.

At this time the planet is plagued by wars, natural disasters, famine, intolerance and greed.

'Nation is rising against nation' and governments threaten opponents with nuclear war.

John Denver's music and texts remind me that we who inhabit the planet are mere specs in the universe in spite of our lofty ambitions and that God is and was and always will be in control.

He reminds us that tho' we are bound in the body..

'My spirit will never be broken or caught
For the soul is a free-flowing thing
Like an eagle that needs neither comfort nor thought
To rise up on glorious wings'

This is very comforting because, at the end of the day, our hope is that we will be united with our Father and Creator and that we will be able to explore the universe freely in all its glory.

Thank you John Denver for the gift of your music to us and know that even tho' you have moved on, you are never forgotten.


October 18, 1997

Of John Denver, the Man and Musician

John Denver was remembered today not only for his music, but also for his many humanitarian passions in life, including music, flying, children and the environment.

''His good work transcended all faiths and all countries,'' said Hal Thau, Mr. Denver's business manager and a longtime friend. ''He was the folk poet of our times, and we have lost a national treasure.''

The 53-year-old Mr. Denver, known for such 1970's hits as ''Sunshine on My Shoulders'' and ''Rocky Mountain High,'' died on Sunday when the light plane he was piloting crashed off the California coast near Monterey.

At the Faith Presbyterian Church in Aurora, a Denver suburb, Mr. Thau spoke to about 2,100 mourners who had waited in the bright sunshine under a clear blue sky for several hours. Mr. Denver's mother, Erma Deutschendorf, is a member of the church, and several years ago Mr. Denver sang ''How Great Thou Art'' to her on Mother's Day here. Also at the church were Mr. Denver's first wife, Annie Martell; their two children, Anna Kate and Zachary; his second wife, Cassandra Delaney, and their daughter, Jesse Belle.

''John left much sooner than he should have,'' President Gerald R. Ford wrote in a letter that was read by a friend today. ''Our common love for Colorado created a bond between us.'' Mr. Ford and his wife are part-time residents of Colorado.

Mr. Denver's love for Colorado and nature, which he expressed in many songs and particularly in ''Rocky Mountain High,'' drew people to the state over the years, and today many came from far away to pay their respects. Some had driven straight from Los Angeles, others from Utah and elsewhere.

''It was just pure instinct to come,'' said Sean Huber, who was with her friend Denver Nevaar, who had driven all night from Laurel, Mont. Mr. Nevaar said he had had his name legally changed in the 1970's because he felt a connection with the singer.

John Bennett, Mayor of Aspen, where Mr. Denver was a longtime resident, said: ''For whatever reason, John captured the spirit many of us felt in the 70's of getting away from the city.''

A candlelight vigil was held in downtown Aspen this week. There is to be a memorial service for Mr. Denver this weekend at the Aspen Music Tent.

During today's service, officiated by the Rev. Les Felker, a large portrait of Mr. Denver was surrounded by fresh flowers onstage. Friends and family members spoke of trying to celebrate Mr. Denver's life and work.

An associate at the Windstar Land Conservancy Project, Jeanie Tomlinson, asked that Mr. Denver's lyrics from ''On the Wings of a Dream'' be used to remember him:
Though the singer is silent
There still is the truth of the song
Such a gift has been given
It can never be taken away.
The first line of the song is, ''Yesterday I had a dream about dying.''

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  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    John Denver's mother died today. RIP Mrs D.

  2. Yes..that is sad news and thank you for sharing.