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Monday, December 06, 2010

The Israeli Source of the Pathan Tribes; Lucknow Pathans have Jewish roots?; Sunni Muslims; Afridi Tribe; Dr. Zakir Hussain; Taliban may be descended from Jews;

As children, we heard from our parents, who come from Afghanistan, stories about the Ten Tribes who were lost during the destruction of the Temple, about meetings with the country people with whom they had contact in trade matters, about Jewish customs and names – and it all sounded inconceivable and fascinating. Like all children, we enjoyed hearing about tribes of Israel preserving their forefathers’ tradition, bearing arms and awaiting the day of redemption.

From Mr Yisrael Mishal, who lived in Afulah and was formerly President of the Afghanistan Jewish community, I often heard unusually fascinating quotations and stories uttered repeatedly and Mr Mishal gave live examples of his meetings with Pathans who dwell on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


- Taliban may be descended from Jews
- Lucknow Pathans have Jewish roots?

Dr. Zakir Hussain: - "I love Israel, for my forefathers were most probably Israelites"

- Medieval Persian References to the Israelite Origin of Afridi Pashtuns/Pathans

- Pakhtun, Afghan and Pathan

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