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Friday, November 12, 2010

Kim Longinotto; 'Rough Aunties'; Operation Bobbi Bear; A documentary about very kind and tough women in Durban, South Africa, who work with the victims of child rape and sexual abuse.

Watched a really heart warming and heart breaking documentary about the work of an organisation in Durban, South Africa that works with the victims of child sexual abuse.

The documentary is called
'Rough Aunties' and the organisation is called 'Operation Bobbi Bear'.

This documentary really puts a face on the small victims who are so viciously abused and ill treated by adult members of society.

I myself cannot imagine what goes throught the mind of an adult male/? father as he sodomises his small son and then rewards him for services received or a grandfather who rapes his mentally retarded granddaughter.

May God richly bless these brave women for the light they shine in a very dark world.

Feel free to donate to a very worthy cause.

- Kim Longinotto: 'Film-making saved my life'

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