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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Diego Forlán at age 37 giving hope to late bloomers; Uruguay, Manchester United, football, striker

In 2010 at the World Cup in South Africa football striker Diego Forlán from Uruguay was my favourite player as, besides being such an awesome striker, he always looked so cheerful and friendly!
Today on Facebook I was reminded of something I'd posted about him during that world football competition and decided to look him up on google to find out where he's at today seeing as he seemed to drop out of sight after 2010. I had read sometime after the World Cup  that tragedy had struck his family and how he 'saddled up' to do his bit via his football talents.
Seems he's had to struggle but still remains his cheerful and friendly self. This violent and vicious world needs many more Diegos as it has thrown out morals and ethics and brotherly love and compassion in exchange for self gratification, greed and power at any price!

Diego Forlán 2016: At age 37 giving hope to late bloomers

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