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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Troy J Merck: Changing the rules on Florida's death row, one prisoner at a time

I noticed that quite many people seem to be visiting my link to the case of death row inmate Troy J Merck and so, on doing a little research, I found the reason why!

Years ago I corresponded with Mr Merck for some time and learned alot from him about life on death row and how he went about coping with it. I still have a jigsaw puzzle that he sent me which, on completion, I turned into a framed picture and have it hanging on my bedroom wall because it depicts a harvest scene in the form of a wine barrel, pumpkins, maize and apples and puts me in mind of country life.

It seems Florida is overturning some death sentences and Mr Merck may, at his 4th try at appealing his sentence, get lucky and carry on living. He may even get released because, as I understand it, a life sentence at the time of his sentencing meant 25 years in prison.
Well, whatever happens, I wish Mr Merck the very best with the rest of his life because his early years were apparently very difficult ones and, altho' we cannot condone the crime he committed, had his circumstances been otherwise, he most probably would not be where he is today!

Changing the rules on Florida's Death Row, one prisoner at a time

Death Penalty Overturned


  1. Troy is my uncle; thanks for posting this! Have you had any contact with him since this post?

    1. Hi Holly,
      Thanks for the feedback!
      No I haven't heard from him but, assuming that he still has my address, he is welcome to drop me a line should he feel so inclined!
      Those times of corresponding with the people on death row are memorable and so I kind of regard them as 'extended family' and they remain in my prayers..even those who have moved on.
      Please send greetings to Troy when next you make contact :)