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Monday, February 26, 2018

Alabama's Death Row: Doyle Lee Hamm; Lynda Lyon Block/Executed;George Sibley/Executed

26th Feb 2018

Although I stopped corresponding with death row inmates in 2008 I still read up on some of the cases and today I found an article about the badly botched attempt at executing Doyle Hamm. It seems the man is a terminal cancer patient and so it seems he will be dying soon anyway, so why the rush to send him on his way?

Years ago I corresponded with Lynda Lyon/Block who was the last person to be executed in 'Yellow Mama'..Alabama's reknowned electric chair. I also corresponded with her husband, George Sibley, who was given the needle after she died.
While researching the case of Doyle Hamm I found a video about Lynda which I am linking to. She was a very interesting person and I missed her letters after she died.
Only God knows her heart and, after watching this video, I believe that both she and George had good ones even though they may have been rather controversial. I hope to meet them both in the next phase.
I also hope her son is doing well!

Video: Lynda Lyon Block on Death Row

It seems that Doyle Hamm never really had a chance to become anything other than a criminal. There are many like him as I found out during my years of corresponding with American inmates.
I wish Doyle Hamm what he wishes himself and if he, by the Grace of our Creator and His Son, has found the way to redemption, then maybe he'll also make it into the Kingdom.

Doyle Hamm: The Long Defense of Doyle Lee Hamm on Alabama's Death Row

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