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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Neil Aggett: The suspicious death of an anti-apartheid activist

27th Feb 2018

Two years ago I posted a comment on fb in relation to an article published by SAHO  regarding the suspicious 'suicide' in prison of ant-apartheid activist, Neil Aggett.
On 5th Feb 2018 I noticed that 20 people had 'liked' my comment and, since then, have even commented on it.

The question to ask still remains and that is...did Dr Aggett die in vain?
One comment to my fb comment is that he did indeed die in vain!

With all the turmoil going on in Africa today I would suggest to all Africans to stop fleeing the country of your birth and fight, as did Neil Aggett, for your right to a decent living!

The way I see it.. as a white, English speaking South African by birth who grew up under the apartheid regime of the time..the only way to bring about positive change to this battered continent is, first and foremost to denounce.. very loudly..corruption, tribalism and polygamy.

Once these three poisonous 'cultural' attributes are removed completely and the population of Africa starts to decrease, then social reform will kick in regarding education and a better way of life for all.

As a follower of Jesus Christ my prayers are with my fellow brethren in Africa and I know there are many of them.
Sadly the followers of Jesus Christ are being dreadfully persecuted in the world today but we need to remain faithful in spite of this because our True Leader promised that the 'gates of hell' would not prevail against the movement He started all those years ago!

South Africa is the key to harmony and well being in the whole of this awesome continent and so people of all races need to get past their grievances..which the corrupt leaders keep rehashing..and genuinely work together to re-make the country great for all. This is the way to go if we don't want Neil Aggett to have died for nothing!!

Neil Aggett; May Day call for justice for Dr Aggett

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