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Friday, February 09, 2018

James Bulger: Why Jon Venables' True Name Should Be Revealed

Although this case was and still is controversial, the fact is that pedophiles cannot be and will never be 'cured'! They may go into a form of 'remission' for a time but the urges remain and, because society is totally amoral worldwide due to liberalism and rejection of a moral Creator, the triggers that set the mind in motion are very easily found out in an uncontrolled cyberspace.
Pedophilia is a curse and those suffering from the condition always remain a risk to any and all innocent children. Perpetrators, once discovered, should in given another chance to inflict themselves on another child as long as they draw breath and the only way to prevent this is to reveal their identity and lock them up for life!

James Bulger's Mother Speaks Out Against Pedophile Jon Venable's 'Apology'

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